344th Bombardment Group B-26 Marauders


The 344th Bombardment Group was made up of four bomb squadrons;

.494th, 495th, 496th, 497th


The following is a list of planes thanks to Mark Styling it was cross checked with a list derived from an original list created by Carl M Christ for the 344th BG association,  from the University of Akron B-26 archives courtesy of Paul Clouting. Please e-mail any discrepancies or editions. Damonbok@hotmail.com


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Please follow links to pictures or other information specific to each plane.

494th Bombardment Squadron


Squadron Markings:
K9 Fuselage Codes

*43-34180  Snooky  K9-A

*42-95890  Mary Sue III K9-A  picture 2 with Col. Vance Picture 3 with Vance pic3 pic4 pic5

*43-34419  K9-B  2nd Lt. D J Korkowski

*43-34384  Lady Eve or Little Eve K9-B   *pic2 in snow *pic3 pic4 *illustration

*42-95921  Old Relic  K9-C  2nd Lt. Hugh Levant Yeager (killed) possible picture MACR 12221

*44-67927  K9-C

*43-34406  K9-D  1st Lt. Jack Bingham Comstock (killed)  MACR 9733
*43-34351  Willie the Wolf K9-D  Vincent R De Courcy , Lt. B D Stephens *pic 2  *pic 3  *pic 4  *pic 5  *pic 6 *pic 7 pic8

*42-95981 K9-F 42-95981 1st Lt. John K Eckert (killed) excavated 1975

*43-34463  Dotty M  K5-F

*43-34347 K9-F  2nd Lt. Clarence L Martin

*42-107611 Chicago Cyclone III K9-F  Lt. John D Ashford William E. Hartnett (D-Day)

*43-34218  K9-G
*42-95964 K9-G 2/Lt. Robert V Coulter  MACR 7478
*42-95916 “Piccadilly Willy” K9-H Lt W. R.Kolberg pic 2 *pic 3 Bob Ackerman in Piccadilly Willy   pic 5   pic6
*42-107573  pic 2  pic 3 Tom’s Tantalizer II 61 missions as K9-B 36 missions as K9-H 1st Lt. Thomas F Johnson also Lt. Korkowski

*42-95977 Tom’s Tantalizer Unit Code?  1st Lt. Thomas F Johnson 

*42-107621 Ecstacy III  K9-J

*42-95925 K9-J Capt. Jack W Miller (killed)

*44-68143  K9-J

*43-34367  K9-K  Lt. Conrad C Oberg (bailed out) Crashed following a mid air collision with 44-67805 over France

*42-95892 The Mocus  K9-K picture 2

*42-95907 The Freddie  Dees  K9-L / K9-G Article on namesake  pic2 pic3
*43-34150 Gravel Gerty K9-M / 7I-Y   2nd Lt. Eulan W Covey   *picture 2  pic 3 pic4

*42-95961 K9-M 2nd Lt. Herman Lory Burdette
*42-107679  Hells Kitchen K9-M 1/Lt. Carson W Carrington  MACR 9735
*42-95941 The Hearse III K9-N 1st Lt. W M Young, 2nd Lt. J A Cahill
*42-95897 My Colleen K9-O Capt. Richard J Hynes,  Lt. J Cather

*43-34369 Flak Hak III K9-O  pic2

*43-34293  K9-O  Force landed at an advanced landing strip near Antwerp, Belgium
*42-95894 Georgia’s on My Mind K9-P   Capt. James P Deford, Jnr  *picture 2  *picture 3  *picture 4 (Sgt. Sugarmans’s Jacket RO/SG) S/Sgt. Tom Bond
*42-95912 You Cawn’t Miss It K9-Q  Capt. J R Ashberry, 2nd Lt. E W Covey pic2
*42-107575 Solly Mill K9-R pic 2 pic3

*44-68115 The Freddie Dees ? K9-R pic2 pic3
*44-67913 Kathy Jean II  K9-S Carl M. Hagle, 2nd Lt. Donald J Korkowski pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6 Art Work

*42-95874 Susanne K9-S  Capt. Curtis A Seebaldt (escaped unhurt)

*44-67821  K9-S  2nd Lt. Donald J Korkowski

*42-96214 Coral Princess K9-T Capt. Webster Stokes Allyn (killed)  MACR 13038 pic2 pic3 pic4


*42-95814 Susanne K9-T  1st Lt. John V Pikula  MACR 15760

*43-34343 Charlotte De Harlot  K9-T  2nd Lt. Kenneth L Baker , Frederick J Foster

* 44-68133  Pied Piper  K9-T transferred to 344th after war.
*41-35755  K9-U  Lt. Frank Williams

*42-107677 K9-V  Lt. W M Bailey

*43-34225 Wes Anne K9-V or 71-V?

*43-34399 K9-W

*42-107838 The Hearse K9-W
*42-107542 Mary Ann K9-X Lt B.W. Seth, 1st Lt. E M Cain *pic 2

*43-34299  K9-Y 2nd Lt. Melvin D Clack (killed)
*43-34340 Shanghai Lil  K9-Y  Lt. William D Bond
*42-96048  K9-Y  1st Lt. Clyde T Whitehead (killed)

Unknown Codes
The Passion Pit
Vagabomber  pic2

Here Comes Johnny Now


495th Bombardment Squadron


Squadron Markings:
Y5 Fuselage Codes

*42-95908  Invictus / Empire State Express Y5-A / Y5-C   Capt. Lucius D Clay, Capt. Howard L Burris, Gregg P Nolen, Jr  pic2 pic3

*44-67805 Y5-A  Lt. Edward M Cain (bailed out) Mid-Air Collision

*43-34330 I’ll Get By  K9-F  Y5-A

*42-95918 Nick’s Chick II  Y5-B  1st Lt. David C Nichols, 1st Lt. Herbert Holbrook Moore, Jnr (bailed out and survived with a broken leg) MACR 9219 pic2  pic3

*42-95898  Merry Jerry  Y5-C  Capt. Edward P Foote , Lt. N W Nelson F.P.   Carrozza radio/gunner for 2nd D-Day mission.

*42-95924 Rum Buggy Y5-D 2nd Lt. Al Frieburger   *picture 2  pic3 pic4 pic5

*43-34461 Jomar Y5-D   *pic 2   pic3
*42-107666 Barracuda Y5-F Lt. Arthur Brewer *picture *illustration pic2  pic3 pic4

*43-34182  Y5-F Capt. L P Dixon
*42-95910 Wizard Of Koz Y5-F   Capt. Henry Premyslaus Kozlowski (killed) pic2 memorial article MACR #4093

*44-68098  Wheels Inc. Y5-G

*43-34402  Georgia Cracker   Y5-G Capt. E P Foote, Jerald M Davies pic2
*42-95909 Deke’s Defiant / The Buzzard Y5-G 1st Lt. Donald E Deffke  pic2
*42-95913 Y5-H 1st Lt. Charles A Holt, 1st Lt. Sidney W. Peterson (killed by flak)  MACR 5144
*42-107686 Y5-H 1/Lt. Raymond H Phillips  MACR 7848

*43-34300  Y5-H

*42-96294  Y5-H  Lt. H H Moore, Jr

*42-95917 Shopworn Angel Y5-J  1st Lt. Henry C Woodrum, Capt. Lucius D Clay, 1st Lt. N W Nelson, Capt. Thomas Gough Brennan, Jr (bailed out, POW)   *picture 2   *pic3   *pic 4 pic5 Armorer Bill Kopp MACR 12344

*42-95911 Mary Mae  Y5-K  Capt. W D Brady, Lt. G E Minihan

*43-34329  Y5-K

*42-95919 Sexy Sal  Y5-L  1st Lt. Howard M Fender  *Article    CoPilot. Aiken pic2
*42-95973 Six Hits and a Miss Y5-M   1st Lt. Frank William Bauers, Jr, 2nd Lt. J C Hall   *pic 2 pic4

*43-34395 Y5-M  1st Harrell L Foxx (killed)

*42-95922 Y5-N  Capt. Jens A Norgaard, 1st Lt. Ralph E Finch (POW)  MACR 4515

*42-107691  Y5-N 2nd Lt. Jack Christian Shewell  MACR 5141

*43-34131  Y5-N  Vagabomber  pic2 1st Lt. C F Converse, 1st Lt. Helms R Huey

*42-107694 Wild Willie Y5-N pic 2  pic 3

*42-95968  Jay Hawk  Y5-O / 7I-T  Capt. Vaner A Smith, Jack Havener

*42-95971 Mary Mae II  K9-D / Y5-O  1st Lt. Elgin R Bowers, Capt. W D Brady
*43-34181 Lak-a-Nookie Y5-O  1st Lt. Jack L Lyons, 2nd Lt. James L Stalter, Robert E Nogle  *pic 2  *pic 3  *Book Cover    *pic5 pic6
*42-95967 Rosie O’Brady Y5-P   1st Lt. William D Brady, 1st Lt. R T Brubaker  *pic 2   *pic 3  *pic 4  *pic 5  pic6 pic7 pic8 pic9  *Book Cover
*42-95875  Bunny’s Honey Y5-Q / 7I-D  Capt. Emanuel Schifani Pic 2  Pic 3 pic4 pic5 pic6 pic7

*42-95858 Winnie Dee 495th BS Y5-R shot down by AAA over France 28/5/44. MACR 5139

*42-107698  Ma’s Blasted Event Y5-R 1st Lt. J D McDonald, 1st Lt. Humphrey Marshall Mallory (killed) MACR 12612 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5
*42-95858 Y5-R Capt. J W Seale (killed) MACR 5139
*42-95876 Mary Jo Y5-S  Major Jens A Norgaard  *pic2 pic3
*42-107608 Y5-T 2/Lt. Jack C Shewell, Lt. Henry Clay Woodrum MACR 5142

*42-107538 Y5-T  Lt. J D Donald

*42-107625  Esquire Y5-T

*43-34304 Georgia Cracker II Y5-T  *picture 2
*42-107669 Feudin Wagin Y5-U and K9-K   *picture 2 *pic 3  pic4 pic5 pic6 pic7

*42-107742 Rum Buggy II Y5-V  Lt. Al Frieburger, Capt. J W Cotton, 1st Lt. R Fitzsimmonds pic 2 pic3 pic4 pic5

*43-34368  Y5-V

*42-107855 Y5-W 1/LT. William H Geary
*43-34424 y5-w Wild Willie Y5-W 1st Lt. R J Shepherd, Jerald M Davies (killed) pic 2 pic 3 (crew) pic 4

*42-107814 Bunny’s Honey II  Y5-X  Lt. W A Brady pic2 pic3  pic4

*42-96265 Y5-Y under Captain Lyon and F.P. Carrozza flew D-Day

*43-34426 Y5-Y 2nd Lt. J W Cotton , 1st Lt. Lamar Fleming III (killed in the crash) , 1st Lt. Norman D Carlson (killed)  MACR #15902 + full accident report

*42-107607 Sexy Sal II Y5-Z  10/2/45. MACR 12196 1st Lt. Humphrey Marshall Mallory

*44-68078 Y5-Z

Unknown Codes

My Gal Sal!

496th Bombardment Squadron

Squadron Markings:
N3 Fuselage Codes

*42-95861 N3-A Joseph C Johnson (ATC Ferry), R E Finn, 2nd Lt. Arthur M Williamson (killed) pic2

*44-67895 N3-A  pic2 pic3

*42-95873 Maxwell House N3-A was 391BG574BS The Black Death Group Code:4L-U

*42-96303 Cleveland Caliope  N3-A  Lt. J H Robinson  Ditched in the English Channel
* 42-95870 Maxwell House/Good to the Last Drop N3-A    Major Jewell C Maxwell, 2nd Lt. Jack Victor Porter (POW)  *illustration  picture 2 picture 3 MACR 4103
*42-95901 N3-B  2nd Lt. Glenn Gray Farmer (POW)  MACR 4073

*42-96094 Battle Baby  N3-B  1st Lt. Lewis Ezell Lanford (killed)  MACR 12952

*42-96189 Maxwell House II N3-B Lt. Col. Jewell C Maxwell, Lt. Jack Caldwell, Lt. Bennie D McSwain, Jr pic2
*42-107583 N3-C Sleepy Time Gal  Lt. William H “Bill” Geary

*42-107853 N3-C Lt. Bennie D McSwain Jr

*42-95926 Canteen Eileen N3-C  1st Lt. Joseph Savko (killed) MACR 4144

*43-34432 N3-D  D J Iddins, Lt. John J Moran

*42-95953 N3-D  Lt. Joseph S Danner (killed)

*44-67985  N3-D

*44-68101  N3-F  2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware (killed)  MACR 13337
*42-107662 N3-F Lil-Li-Mar-lene Capt. E Z Shimmin, Frank William Bauers, Jr, Robert Witty  picture 2

*43-34316  N3-F  Cleveland Caliope III  Richard W Maffry

*42-107676 N3-G  Lt. Benedict

*43-34332  N3-G 1st Lt. Gordon Kenneth Holm (killed) MIA after being hit by AAA 14/2/45. MACR 12386

*41-31617  Winnie N3-H

*42-95871 N3-H  Pointebraind , Keith M Caldwell

*42-96126  N3-H
*42-95893 Piccadilly Commando / Facsimile   N3-J  Capt. Harvey Johnson, 1st Lt. Alton Benjamin Rubin (killed) MACR 4145

*42-107696 N3-J J S Glinser

*42-95936 Wray & Son / The Fourth Term N3-K

*44-67981  N3-L

*42-95940  N3-L  Emiel J Larsen

*42-95980 Lucky Lady  N3-M  1st Lt. Keith Caldwell (bailed out)

*42-107574 Sweety Baby N3-N  2nd Lt. Herman Lory Burdette (killed) *pic 2 pic3

*43-34352  N3-N

*42-107619  Ill Wind II / Evasive Jenny  N3-N  1st Lt. John Bernard Hegg, Jr  MACR 9734

*42-95895 N3-O 2nd Lt. Phillip Jerome Laux (bailed out and evaded capture) MACR 5143

*42-96290 My Princess Pat  N3-O
*42-95899 Maffry’s Mottled Marauder N3-P Capt. J C Maffry, Lt. Joseph W Morosi   *pict 2   pic3

*44-68126  N3-P

*42-95923 Ill Wind  N3-Q 1st Lt. John B Hegg, Capt. W S McKee (escaped unhurt)

*43-34179 N3-Q  Lt. A R Nolte

*44-68108  N3-R

*42-95974 N3-S R J Gargle, 2nd Lt. Walter H Hedstrom (KIA) pic2
*42-95982 Puddin’ Head N3-U Capt. J T Garland, Thomas E Morgan, Jr., Lt. G D Smith (bailed out) AAA 24/3/45

*42-95965  N3-V

*42-95966 N3-W

*42-107589 N3-X

*43-34443  N3-Y  G R Young, James V Bryant

*43-34333 N3-Z  Capt C E Hardy

Unknown Codes:
Dream Girl
Queen of Hearts  pic 2 pic3 pic4
The Happy Warrior


497th Bombardment Squadron

Jacket with this image

Squadron Markings:
7I Fuselage Codes

*42-95952 Juanita / You’ve ‘Ad It     7I-A *picture 2  *pic 3 pic4 pic5 pic6 pic7 pic8 Juanita (was this one of the halves of 42-95938?) Lt. William E Harrison, T R Pearcy

*42-95856 Fertile Mertile 7I-A  1st Lt. Fredrick Mackay Morrison (killed by flak) MACR 4511

*42-107663 Lil Audrey  7I-A  Lt. J C Catlin, Lt. E H Hughes, Jr picture

*44-68097  7I-B

*43-34565 (497th BS) 7I-B “Gratis Gladys”  Capt. Carl Franklin Chapman (killed)  MACR 12649

also known as K9-G of the 494th BS  picture 2

*42-95864 Valkyrie 7I-B Lt Witherbee   C F Chapman, 1st Lt. Robert C Barnard (killed) MACR 4103 *pic 2 *pic 3 *pic 4 *pic5 *pic 6 pic7 pic8 article

*42-95896 Johnny Come Lately  7I-C   1st Lt, later, Capt. John J Nemeth, A Eberhardt, John Zubeck   *picture 2  pic 3   pic4  article

*42-95900 Lafayette/We Are Here! II   7I-D  1st Lt. Robert Clyde Meppen (bailed out, POW) MACR 12385

*42-95903 Hard To Get 7I-F Lt. Col. Jack D Bentley, Lt. J Kenyon , Robert L Butler  *picture 2 *pic 3  *pic 4 *pic 5   *pic 6    *pic crew  pic7 pic8 pic9

*42-95920 Smilin’ Joy 7I-L 1st Lt. Sterling J Robertson, 1st Lt. James Foster Reynolds (killed) MACR 5140

*42-96299 Smilin’ Joy II  7I-G  1st Lt. Sterling J Robertson

*42-95902 The Bad Penny 7I-G 1st Lt. James F Reynolds,2nd Lt. James Burton McKamey (killed)  *picture 2 jacket  *Illustration MACR 5656 pic3


*44-67823  See See Senior  7I-G  2nd Lt. Robert R Chalot, Jr (killed)

*42-95906 Terre Haute Tornado 71-H 1st Lt. R E Wilson, Jack Havener, 1st Lt. M C Stahleut *pic 2  *pic 3 *picture Havener pic 4  pic 5  pic 6   pic 7 pic8 pic9 pic10 pic11

*42-95914 Shirley Ann 7I-J   R W Schwaegerl , 1st Lt. William Riley Jones (killed) MACR 12352 *video remains S/Sgt. Peter N Dudley (TG) found and exhumed!  S/Sgt Dudley and the downing of 7I-J pic2 pic3 pic4
*43-34407 7I-K  2nd Lt. Henry J Kelly, Capt. Jack C Crumal, Lt. Jimmy H Kenyon

*42-95915 Marie II  7I-K  Lt. Jack Sheehan picture 2  pic3
*42-95920 Smilin’ Joy  7I-L  1st Lt. Sterling J Robertson , 1st Lt. James Foster Reynolds (killed), Edward Horn, MIA 05/28/44 MACR 5140

*43-34400    100 PROOF  / The Dixie Flyer 7I-L   K9-A  Lt. Curley ,Capt. John Catlin pic2

*44-67828  7I-L

*42-95928 Frenchy Gal 7I-M  1st Lt. Ralph Nicholas Leone (POW) MACR 4094

*42-95862 Reassignment / Jeanne 7I-M 1st Lt. Ancil Ross Williams (killed) MACR 12305

*42-95963 Kokomo Kid  7I-N  pic 2   pic 3

*42-96128 Heaven Can Wait (dispute name of plane)  7I-N  Donald D Love pic2

*42-95972 Little Butch  7I-O  Capt. H Z Rondeau pic2

*43-34610  7I-O

*42-95976 Moe’s Mauler 7I-P  Lt. Melvin O Stahlhut, Lt. John S Donnelly pic2 pic3

* 43-34568 K9-Q
*42-95978 Sad Sack 7I-Q  Arthur A Pekkala *picture 2  *pic 3 in snow *pic 4 pic5 pic6
*42-95986 Let-hal Lady 7I-R  Lt. Joe W Scott, 2nd Lt. J B Donnelly  *pic 2   *pic 3 *pic 4   pic5 pic6
*42-95987 Yo-Yo Champ 7I-S  Lt. A J Wood, Lt. A Eberhardt  *picture 2 *pic3

*44-67871  7I-S

*42-96311 71-P  *picture 2
*42-107675 Plastered Bastard / Sitting Pretty 71-T  a *pic 2  Lt. D R Billing, Lt. Robert Harwell pic3

42-95965 ?  7I-T ‘Mr Jayhawk’ Harwell Bentley   fix picture caption? Picture 2 pic3

*42-107721  7I-U  Capt. Carl Beyer

*44-68091  7I-U

*43-34196  7I-U 1st Lt. John Paul Nelson (killed when his parachute failed to open) Feb 14, 1945 MACR 12387

*43-34295  Heaven Can Wait ?  7I-W  *picture 2 (dispute name of plane)

*43-34437 7I-Y  John B Riley, Jr

*42-95938 You’ve ‘Ad It   71-X  C J Hardesty, Capt. H Z Rondeau

*43-34414  7I-Z

Unknown Codes

71-P    *picture 2



Squadron Unknown

Jabo Sky King the 2nd EX 319TH


Known Losses Continued

42-95953 (N3 ?) crashed after takeoff with port engine on fire. 30/08/44. Crosscountry hop, Stansted to Shipdham. Pilot Danner, Co-pilot Williams and Navigator Juliani all killed. Flight Engineer survived. So did my family, we were in the house they demolished. Tony Roff.   42-95856 (497th BS) shot down by AAA over Belgium 10/5/44. MACR 4511

42-95862 (497th BS) shot down by AAA over Germany 13/2/45. MACR 12305
42-95870 (496th BS) shot down by AAA 20/4/44. MACR 4103
42-95893 (344th BG) shot down by AAA over Dunkirk 27/4/44. MACR 4145
42-95895 (496th BS) shot down by AAA over France 28/5/44. MACR 5153
42-95900 (497th BS) shot down by AAA over Germany 14/2/45. MACR 12385
42-95901 (344th BG) shot down by AAA over France 21/3/44. MACR 4073
42-95902 (497th BS) 7I-G The Bad Penny shot down by AAA 6/6/44. MACR 5656
42-95913 (495th BS) shot down by AAA 28/5/44. MACR 5144
42-95914 (497th BS) shot down by AAA, Germany, 14/2/45. MACR 12352
42-95917 (495th BS) shot down by AAA, Germany 14/2/45. MACR 12344
42-95918 (495th BS) shot down by AAA over Holland 6/10/44. MACR 9219
42-95920 (497th BS) shot down by AAA, S of Abbeville, France 28/5/44. MACR 5140
42-95921 (494th BS) shot down by AAA, Germany 13/2/45. MACR 12221
42-95922 (495th BS) shot down by AAA near Malo le Baines 11/5/44. MACR 4515
42-95925 (494th BS) in midair collision 8/3/44
42-95926 (344th BG) shot down by AAA over Kunkirk 27/4/44. MACR 4144
42-95928 (344th BG) shot down by AAA over France 23/4/44. MACR 4094
42-95964 (344th BG) shot down by AAA over France 24/7/44. MACR 7478
42-95980 (344th BG) damaged by AAA, crew abandoned aircraft 2/10/44.
42-95982 (496th BS) shot down by AAA 24/3/45
42-96094 (496th BS) shot down by AAA over Germany 9/3/45. MACR 12952
42-107574 (496th BS) shot down by AAA 10/6/44. MACR 5708

42-107608 (495th BS) shot down by AAA over France 28/5/44. MACR 5142
42-107619 (496th BS) shot down by AAA over Holland 23/9/44. MACR 9734
42-107679 (494th BS) shot down by AAA over Holland 23/9/44. MACR 9735
42-107686 (344th BG) shot down by AAA over France 9/8/44. MACR 7848
42-107691 (495th BS) shot down by AAA over France 28/5/44. MACR 5141
42-107698 (495th BS) shot down by AAA over Germany 24/2/45. MACR 12612
43-34196 (497th BS) shot down by AAA over Germany 14/2/45. MACR 12387
43-34330 (344th BG) crashed after midair collision 6/2/4543-34367 (344th BG) crashed after midair collision 6/2/45
43-34406 (494th BS) shot down by AAA over Holland 23/9/44. MACR 9733
43-34565 (497th BS) 7I-B  shot down by AAA over Germany 23/2/45. MACR 12649
44-68101 (344th BG) shot down by AAA over Germany 24/3/45. MACR 13337

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