The Death of an Angel

After hearing from Mr. Moomaw and a representative of Harry Zeust, I decided it was time to get an MACR report, in order to learn more about the final fate of the Shopworn Angel.

MACR Letter
I soon received the document below along with a diagram from an eyewitness. POW means prisoner of war. Three of the crewmen apparently survived the crash. EUS means that they eventually returned to the U.S. The rest were determined to be KIA, killed in action.

I am now searching for any of the survivers or witnesses. I have reason to beleive that there is an interesting story to the return of the POW’s.

The story might explain why I have found so many artifacts related to the Shopworn Angel such as posters, model planes, bookmarks, and photographs.
MACR 123442
A photo of the Bridge of Engers, Germany. On Feb. 14, 1945, it became the final resting place of the Shopworn Angel
Resting Place
The diagram from an eyewitness show below compares well with the photo above. Donald Moomaw coroborates the report.

Eyewitness Report

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