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  1. Dan Sarandrea says:

    I was researching the 495th/344th for my cousin, Lisa Sarandrea Cavacini, so we could enter information about her Father and my Uncle, Angelo J. Sarandrea, at the WWII memorial website.

    I followed Google links to your site and saw that his name is on the roster of the 495th.

    My Uncle Ange did not talk much if at all about his service in the Air Corps, so all we have are some family pictures of him with my Dad (Angelo’s brother Daniel, also in the Air Corps) and with my other Uncle (Mike, who was in the Navy), all three of them in uniform. We do have Uncle Ange’s discharge papers that say he was in the 495th/344th, that he enlisted on 25 JUL 42, entered active service on 8 AUG 42, arrived in Scotland 8 Fed 44 and was sent home 30 SEP 45. His serial # was 33 324 369. His rank was Corporal, he attended aerial gunner school and was listed as Teletype Operator 237 so maybe he spent more time in HQ than flying.

  2. ken krupich says:

    My dad was in 344th bg 496th bs. he flew 65 missions, 2 purple hearts and dfc.I have many commendation letters that were saved some were duplicates. Most were signed by vance.If some one is interested I can make coppies.Dad passed away in 1987,never talked about his war time service but mom saved this paper work and some of his medals.I myself have tried to get more info. on his various missions but to no avail.Great web site always interested in more info.thanks

    1. Carl says:

      Good to hear from you.

      Lets see what we can find about your father. sometimes I get lucky. If we find enough, I can feature him on the webpage (did you see the others I have done?) I need his name and rank. Do you know the name of his plane or any other crew mates? The serial number of the plane? Pictures of him and plane and crew from back in the day. Dates of service overseas?

  3. Conard C Oberg Jr says:

    Just found your page, very informative. Thank you. I’m trying to find more info about my Dad, 1st. Lt Conrad C. Oberg pilot of K9-K mid air crash of 2/6/45. Great website. Thanks

  4. Betsy Arnoldi says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your dad and the men he served with. Thank you for sharing his story.

  5. Michael Sopronyi, Jr. says:

    I am glad to have found your website. I recently submitted a request for information concerning the 344th BG and my one of my father’s experiences with it. He was 1stLt. Michael Sopronyi. Thank you for offering this wonderful site and I hope to hear from you soon.

  6. James Ray Ashberry says:

    My dad was Lt. J.R. Ashberry, the pilot of the B-26 named “You Cawn’t Miss It.” I do have a photo taken later than the one on this site, because there more bombs painted on the side. I have photos and names of all the crew members also.

  7. Jerry Moomaw says:

    Great website! I am the son of Donald Moomaw, who witnessed the Shopworn Angel get hit by flak. He died a month ago, and I am now tracking down his service record bit by bit. He has a lot of records from throughout his career, which I have not yet had the opportunity to go through in detail.

  8. Chris Terrazas says:

    I found my uncle Romulo Oliphant on the roster of the 495th Bomb Squadron. He was a aerial photographer with the squadron. After my mother passed away, we found a picture of him, and also one that we think he took of several of the squadron planes in the air. Feel free to contact me. I would like to find out about this picture.

    Would you please put my name with a star next to Romulo’s name? Thank you so much for this website. I have learned more than I have ever known about my uncle.

  9. Martha Cone says:

    Hi Carl,
    What a wonderful tribute to your dad. You are also doing a great service for others who want to learn about the experiences of our service personnel in World War II. May they never be forgotten!
    My dad Willie Cone was a bombardier in the 494th squadron, 344th bomb group. I have a dedication page for him at
    with photos of their camp in France.
    Best regards, Martha

  10. mark altieri says:

    thanks for bringing the b-26 into light, now i appreciate them more.

  11. Donna Gibson says:

    Carl, this site is a beautiful tribute to your father. I am so glad that you started it while he was still alive. I am sure that you and this site made him very proud.

  12. Carol Carrozza says:

    Dad as you reach your final days.. the world owes you a debt..you survived WWII and the D Day Invasion..came to LI with very little but a warbride and a dream.
    You had four children, two sons and two daughters, we kept the “straight and narrow” and became good parents in turn..
    As my son would say.. you led by example. You did your job well, as a son, husband, soldier and father.. you gave us the skills to carry on until we all meet up again..Aunt Frances has been waiting..Sal, Joe, and Rose..have paved the way..
    You have taught us well!! We are survivors..Thanks soldier!

  13. jefferson aikens says:

    Dear Carl and Carol,

    Your website and everything that has gone in to it is absolutely unbelievable. A true labor of Love and a testimonial to your Love for your Father.
    I have truly enjoyed every moment that I have spent reading and looking at everything you have accomplished.

    I have often wondered what to do with my Father’s things from the Great War and I have to say that I feel compelled to share them with you if you are interested.

    My father was Edwin C. Aikens and he was a Pilot of a B-26 in the 344th bomb squadron, 495th. bomb group. If you are interested in hearing any of the stories he had written down for me pictures that he had or other memorabilia please let me know. If you are not interested please let me know who you think would be the best repository for these things.

    I have things such as his complete flight log from when started learning to fly until he was taken off flying status after the Korean War.

    By the way, I noticed on your web site that you had the B-26, call sign ” ‘Y5F’ id # 42-107666 Barracuda” as part of your web header and below that ” ‘Y5F’ id # 42-95910 Wizard of Koz”, to complicate things my Father he flew “Y5F” while he was with the 495th and he took it with him when he was transferred to the said 6444th bomb bomb squadron, 410th bomb group (L) (A-20 Havocs). He said that it didn’t have a name at that time and the first three numbers of the ID on its tail were334_ _ _. He was transferred along with a few other B-26 crews to this A-20 bomb group to drop flares on three night time missions (the B-26 had a bigger payload bay so it could handle the large flares that they dropped), various weather recons prior to A-20 bombing runs and the dropping of “window” prior to A-20 bombing runs.

    So much more could be said but I’ll close hoping to hear from you.

    Thank You again for all that you have done to preserve the memory of our Fathers.


    PS I have pictures of the “Y5F” with only the first three numbers on the tale and had a picture of it being painted black for the night time missions.

    1. Carl says:

      I’d really like to see the pictures of the Y5F and the picture of it being painted black!

      Best Wishes,

  14. Carol Carrozza says:

    Job well done Carl.. true labor of love.. glad we will have this forever..even if we dont have dad forever..

  15. Dave Kudla says:

    I was searching for information about my father, Mario J. Kudla, when his name came up in a link to your site. I believe he was on the “Merry Jerry”. I’m looking for any information/photos about the plane, the crew and it’s missions. Thanks for creating this site.

    1. Carl says:

      I’m about to add some material regarding the names, numbers, and fate of the Silver Streaks that I was able to find. Please e-mail me with any info you can send my way as well.



    Clarence E. Fowler, Jr. is one of my high school buddies. We double dated sisters and played a lot of poker on weekends. Richard Block (H&R Block) was one of our poker pals. Graduated from Southwest High School, Kansas City, Mo in 1942.


    When I joined the Navy in 1942, I lost contact with a very close high school buddy. His name is Clarence E. Fowler. He and I graduated from Southwest High School, Kansas City, Mo. in June 1942. I noticed the name, Clarence E. Fowler on your unit roster. Could this possibly be my friend? With kind regards, Bill

  18. Kenneth T. Wilhite, Jr. says:

    This was a great site which I found very interesting and informative.

  19. paul shelhamer says:

    great site- a pleasure to meet your dad, KC.

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