Susie Griffith Barbaer Locates Shopworn Angel Pictures!

“Here’s the pic that was in my dad’s wallet. My brother had this for years.”

The pictures below are wallet sized and laminated back-to-back. It must have been tacked to a wall at one time (note tack hole).

One side shows the Shopworn Angel’s nose art. This is the version with the 2 piece outfit and missing bra strap. Note under Woodrum’s name there is only one bomb painted. The plane was fairly new! Note elsewhere pictures with Brennan as captain of the third crew. There were lots of painted bombs by then. There were many more the day Captain Clay belly landed the borrowed plane as well.

The second picture is another angle of the Shopworn Angel after being belly landed by Captain Clay

Susie goes on to say, “They were all so brave and wonderful – They were truly “Men.” – Brave & couragious!

Very soon after this picture was taken, the first crew listed below were assigned to a different plane til repairs could be made to the Shopworn Angel. They were shot down on their very first mission in the replacement plane.

Henry (Hank) Clay Woodrum, Pilot
Irwin Randall Morgan, Co-Pilot
Carl Lee Griffith, Bombadier
Richard Eugene Burton, Radio-Gunner
Thomas Jacob Zagorski, Engineer-Gunner
Edwin Lockhart Hickey, Tail-Gunner

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