Shopworn Angel and other B-26 Paper Models by Christoph Stahl

I have been happy to meet Christoph Stahl, a talented designer. He has designed paper cut-out models of B-26 airplanes and has presently shared his design for the Shopworn Angel Y5-J! Here is how my attempt turned out.

Shopworn Angel Paper Model fixed

You will need to go to his website to download and produce your own paper B-26: http://papercraft.stahlhart.net/marauder_main.php

Below is a view of the first page and pdf file plan of the Beta-Version of the Shopworn Angel. It needs to be fine-tuned, and I will post the final version in the future.



Here is a completed version of a Marauder.


Here is a pdf file for building instructions.

Marauder building instructions Pdf

Christoph Stahl

Christoph Stahl works on a new model design.


I was born in 1975 in Marburg, Germany. I have been doing creative works, like drawing and papercrafts, as long as I can remember. I have studied Graphic Design in Kassel and have lived for 9 years in Beijing, China teaching and doing design. Now I live in a city in North Germany. I’m the one who is responsible for this website and all the models so far.

Aircraft were a great fascination of mine when I was a teenager, driven by plastic models – Hasegawa was my favourite brand and my favourite model series the A-4’s of Fuijimi – and movies, such as “Iron Eagle” as well as computergames, such as “Their finest hour” and “Aces over the Pacific”.

Today I mostly appreciate aircraft from a design point of view. Undepending of their respective uses, which sometimes are not so *peaceful*, I am interested mostly in their aesthetic aspects. Aside from Papercraft, my hobbies include playing computergames and drawing comic books.