Sargeant John Kolthoff Bombardier

Information from nephews Chuck and Bill Bierer


Summary: John Kolthoff entered the service in 1943, the exact date is unknown. He graduated gunnery school in Kingman Az. Dec. 27 1943 with the rank of Corporal. He left the U.S. April 30 1945 and arrived in England May 10. The B17 he was in took the northern route by way of Labrador, Ireland and Scotland.  He flew with the 92nd Bomb Group 327 S Bomb Squadron out of Paddington, England. This was a B-17 outfit. His first mission was to Berlin May 27 1944. He flew on the first sortie over Normandy on June 6 1944.  He went to the 495 Sq in July 44 and flew his first mission with them July 25. His last mission was Dec. 9 1944. He was discharged for a heart problem, but we do not know the exact date. He married and had two boys and a stepdaughter. He and his brother had a trucking business, hauling hay, in Bellflower Calif. He died while having heart surgery. As I remember this was in 1963.

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Below are a set of pictures accumulated by Sgt. John Kolthoff’s family;



Vagabomber dropping her load.


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