George W. Crittenden Sr.

Click here for a more in depth description of experimental night missions.
I was a bombardier and our plane was Sexy Sal. We were of the BG that tried night missions with a combination of B26  A26 and A20. The B26 flewparallelt courses  over the target makred by color flares from the A26m The A20s actually dropped the bombs. It was a scary idea, with flame dampners and total black out of the planes. We were so close, sometime 15 seconds apart and could feel prop wash at times. They were not successful and we didnt fly many missions befoire the idea was dropped.
The main theory ws to bomb rail yards that the emeny was repairing during the night after some earlier daylight raids.
Thats a long time ago
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Great to hear from you. If you haven’t heard it lately, I a proud of your service to this country. George, if you have some anecdotes, rememberances, or pictures, I could make up a page dedicated to you linked off of the roster. Of course I’ll fix the name next chance I get. What was the name of your plane? What was your role?

My father and I are anxious to hear more from you.


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I am the George W Crittenden listed on your roster. My name should have Sr. included as I have a son with the same name. Still a survivor.
George W Crittenden Sr.

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