Lt. Harold A. Walton

Lt. Harold A. Walton was a pilot for the 344th BG 497th Bomb squadron. (Click any picture to enlarge)

Colorized by Carl Carrozza

Colorized by Carl Carrozza

Lt. Harold A. WaltonHis usual pilot was Oliver T Hayes, Harold A Walton was the co-pilot.

Here is a photo of his crew taken at Barksdale Field before heading to Hunter Field and taking a B-26 to England by the Southern Route.

Harold A Walton Barksdale Crew

Based on the D-Day flight chart he flew *42-95978 Sad Sack 7I-Q . Walton’s daughter came across an envelop addressed to 1st Lt W.E. (Daddy) Harrison he flew *42-95952 Juanita / You’ve ‘Ad It . The photos are of You’ve ‘AD IT (5, one might have several members of the crew and one of the Artiste with paints working on the noseart),

Hard to Get (2 photos),

SMILIN JOY, and BUTCH (with possible crew members).

Also eight other photos taken around the base (Stansted) of squad members,

and two of planes in the air.

This is a transcript of an interesting radio interview Walton did when he returned to college at Humboldt State College in Arcata, California. (Click pages to enlarge)


Here is a blog of letters Walton wrote to his wife.

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