German Crash Report of the Shopworn Angel

Translation thanks to Marcel van der Lugt;

Account considering crash of crew and enemy airplane

Given by: official mayor, Weissenturm (name of town), on February 26th 1945

Day: February 24th 1945

Time: 16.00 h

Place of impact: Municipal area Kettig (name of town).

Aircraft type: – –

Number of deaths: 1

Rank and Army serial number: Rank unknown, Army serial number. Lafountaine, F.W. , O – 714713 T 43-44 O.

Number of captured: – – Rank and Army serial number: – – Captured where and by whom? – –

Dropped off on which site of the Wehrmacht? – –

Number of crew members still on the run: – –

The aircraft, to which the deceased belonged, did not come down in the local district. The Command of the airfield Niedermendig (name of town) was notified by telephone on February 26th 1945 and will as soon as possible adopt the objects found with the deceased.

The official mayor Weissenturm, Thursday February 26th 1945

As official police authority

Unit. III

1.To the

Lord district

Unit. I

In Kapellen – Stolzenfels (name of town near Koblenz Germany)

Concerning: Dispatch about crash of crew and enemy airplane Reference: Decree dating May 11th 1944 – 10/1 – Lu 210/14 -.

Hereby the required dispatch is presented.


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