After posting the mission log book I interviewed my dad. I had a lot of questions about the occurances and the people involved. Dad didn’t enter certain kinds of information in his mission log. He just kept to the facts. On the log I have created hyperlinks to the information below.

“Harrison was from North or South Carolina and had a tendancy to screw up or drink too much. He would sing a song I remember:

‘Come on down to my house honey

Ain’t nobody home but me.

Come on down to my house honey

Keep me company.’

As I said he sometimes got into trouble. Once he got drunk in England and got caught climbing a fire escape to get to a young ladies room on the second floor.

Captain Lucius B. Clay Jr. would visit all the planes in his jeep just to make sure everything was ok before a flight. One time Harrison had forgotten his gloves. It gets very cold up a few thousand feet so you’ve got to have gloves. Clay didn’t yell at Harrison. Instead he gave Harrison HIS gloves. Harrison returned them later. That Clay was a West Pointer. West Pointers were real gentlemen.”

“Harrison’s drinking ended up with his getting court marshalled. We had this nasty mess sargeant. You couldn’t get any late night snacks from him! One night Harrion got drunk and pounded on the mess hall door demanding food. When the sargeant refused, Harrison fired his service pistol in the air. They got scared and let him in…but he was arrested later.”

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