Mission 59: December 24, 1944

After posting the mission log book I interviewed my dad. I had a lot of questions about the occurrences and the people involved. Dad didn’t enter certain kinds of information in his mission log. He just kept to the facts. On the log I have created links to the information below.

“The Battle of the Bulge was going on. The poor bastards in the ground troops were surrounded and needed air support to break open a hole for them to escape. The weather wouldn’t cooperate. Without sufficient visibility we couldn’t be sure who we were bombing. It was very frustrating because we really wanted to help those guys out.”

“I was on guard duty and not scheduled to fly. I went to town on a truck for Christmas mass. The service was being held by a French priest and a military chapelin. An M.P. came into the church, walked up to the alter and whispered something to the clergymen. He then announced that all military personel must return to the base.”

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