Mission 47: October 14, 1944

After posting the mission log book I interviewed my dad. I had a lot of questions about the occurences and the people involved. Dad didn’t enter certain kinds of information in his mission log. He just kept to the facts. On the log I have created links to the information below.

“We hit an air pocket and the plane dipped drastically. This caused two of the 1000lbs to break loose from their shackles. The bombs weren’t armed. The bombbay doors wouldn’t open with the weight of the bombs on them. We had to return to base that way! To be safe they had us circle the field while all the other planes in the formation landed first. They had us do this because if we blew up when landing, we would make it tough for the planes after us to use the landing strip. The whole time we circled we had to worry about having enough fuel and if the bombs would blow up from the impact of landing. It worked out ok or I wouldn’t be here to tell about it.”

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