Mission 13: June 20, 1944

After posting the mission log book I interviewed my dad. I had a lot of questions about the occurances and the people involved. Dad didn’t enter certain kinds of information in his mission log. He just kept to the facts. On the log I have created hyperlinks to the information below.

“The carpet ship had a special job. It was in effect a tinsel drop. You would have a box of ground cover bundles. You would take a bundle, rip the binder and toss it out the window. You counted to three before you threw the next one. One guy who wasn’t too bright simply dumped the whole box of bound packages out the window at once.” “It seemed that the stuff worked. It would jam enemy radar and we usually received less flak when we used it.”

“P-Planes were the V-1 and V-2 rockets the Germans would fly over to England. V-1’s were also called buzz-bombs I believe. You could hear them buzzing overhead. If thay kept buzzing that was good. When they ran out of fuel they would stop buzzing, fall to the ground and explode.”

*Carl Carrozza notes: The V-1’s and V-2’s were designed at Peenemunde by rocket scientists with little option but cooperate. They included Dr. Wehner Von Braun. After the war, the Russians “got” some of the rocket scientists while the U.S. got Van Braun and others. Thus the start of the cold war rocket race. Later, Von Braun designed the Saturn 5 rocket that carried our astronauts to the moon!

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