Final Flight: Frank P. Carrozza


Frank P Carrozza, age 88, of Levittown, NY died Friday, May 13, 2011. Mr. Carrozza was born in Brooklyn, NY. He is the son of the late Francesco P and the late Annunziata (Oliveri) Carrozza.
He is survived by his wife: Lucy(Gagliardi) Carrozza .
SonĀ and daughter-in-law, Frank(Shawn). Son & daughter-in-law, Carl(Anne) . Daughter & Son-in-law, Carol Kenngott (Douglas) . Daughter & Son-in-law, Nancie Kasin (Bryan) . 8 grandchildren 4 great grandchildren.

Frank flew 65 missions during WWII. He was the side gunner/radio operator on a B-26 Marauder (Shopworn Angel) and was stationed at Stansted, England.

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  1. Jim Gooch says:

    Carl,your dad and thousands like him are the reason we enjoy so many freedom’s. I wish I had the pleasure of knowing him and some of his comrades. I also wish that in every school, they bring in service members to teach them about their life experiences. They have or had so much to give May God Bless him (them) and Bathe them his Light.
    Jim Gooch

  2. Ron Star says:

    It should be noted that Mr. Carrozza was not only a WWII hero, he was an outstanding father, grandfather and mentor to all who knew him. I was very fortunate to have been a friend of his family when I was a young man. He loved to impart his knowledge on many subjects to anyone who would listen. I for one will cherish the memories I have of him. May God bless him and take him into his house.
    Ron Star

  3. Carol Carrozza says:

    He was also awarded the Air medal (which is for valor) and 12 oak Leaf clusters.. this signifies that 13 missions were not regular air missions but ones that included bravery under enemy fire or such.
    Please note this on the website..
    Great job as always Carl, dad would be proud of all the hard work you have done on this site..

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