2nd Lt. Buck Wilson and Y5-H

344-495  42-95917 SHOPWORN ANGEL Y5-J +42-95913 Y5-H or 42-107686 Y5-H -0012nd LT. Buck Wilson of Dallas, Texas Serial No. 0692595 Co-Pilot B-26. 344th BG / 495TH BS

Stationed at Stansted, Eng. On a mission on May 28th, 1944 his plane was shot down near Paris before deploying the bombs on board. I believe the target was a train bridge. The pilot was hit by flack, I believe his name was Peterson from El Paso, Texas. My father never saw anyone else from his crew after giving the bail-out command.
He was captured near St. Germain-en-Laye and was sent to Luft Stalag 3 in Germany until forced march to Nuremberg, late winter 1945.

MACR 5144  for B-26 42-95913  (Y5-H).  Shot Down 28 May 44,  St Germain, Paris, France.

Pilot: 1st Lt Sidney W Peterson  KIA  (killed in seat when plane hit by flak 30 seconds from target).
CoPilot:  2nd Lt Buck Wilson   RTD
Bomb: 1st Lt Harry Harvey   RTD
Radio/Gunner: T/Sgt Clyde S Maddox  KIA
Eng/Gunner: S/Sgt Calvin E Davis  KIA
Tail Gunner: S/Sgt Earl R Trayes  ???

(There is a  J M Long KIA listed in the MACR but he does not seem to be listed on the original crew list.  He
may be from another plane or perhaps Trayes was wearing something of Longs ????)

Plane was hit by flak over the target (Railroad Bridge, Paris France) .  Plane dropped out of formation with
one engine burning.  3 chutes seen before plane went into a dive.

The POW camp Wilson was sent to was Camp 033, which was Stalag Luft 3 Sagan-Silesia Bavaria (Moved to Nuremberg-Langwasser) 49-11. According to NARA, Bombardier Harvey was sent to the same camp.

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