Vincent Cirincione

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My late father, Vincent Cirincione was a Staff Sgt. radio mechanic in the 344th / 495th and is on your list of enlisted men. I would love to hear from veterans or family of members of men who served in these groups.

One thing that my brother’s and I have been trying to learn more about was the circumstances of a serious injury our father suffered. We have basic info on what happened, but nothing specific. The injury eventually was a factor in his death 17 years later. The gist of it is this – My father was on the tarmac of their airfield (we don’t know if it was Stansted or France – he was at both) when another B-26 made a crash landing that resulted in a huge explosion. It was winter and my dad was blown through the air, ripping off his clothes and even his wedding band. He dislocated his bronchial tubes and I believe also contracted pneumonia. He was shipped back state-side where he spent some time in Walter Reed hospital in Wash. D.C. recuperating. He was due to be shipped out to The Pacific when the war ended. We only have one mission related story that our mom told us about. It was of how my dad, while on a mission, witnessed a friend in another B-26 go down. The plane had been badly hit and was in flames when my dad saw his friend waving to them as it headed down. Very sad story indeed.

Paul Cirincione Boston, Ma.


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