Herbert W. Royal

Date: 4/30/2002
Time: 11:53:20 AM

Bill Royal Bomb Gp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 1942-1945 Location: Buckley Field, Colo.10-42. I was reading from the www.b26.com guestbook the other day and ran across the name of an old buddy from away back. Bill Kopp. I could tell many stories about Bill, but the one that I cherish the most is the time that he and I chipped in seven pounds apiece and bought an ancient English moyorcycle to use as transportation from the squadron area to the flight line. We wore that thing out thru England and France but I can’remember if it ever made it to Belgium. Bill, if you get to see this, I will be in Reading, Pa. June 7,8.9, for the Mid-Atlantic War Museum Weekend.


Date: 5/27/2002
Time: 4:42:35 PM

Bill Royal BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 42-45. Mike—I was browsing today to see what I could find and brought up b26.com/photo and saw a picture of the plane which I was the assigned armorer. The name of the plane was “Shopworn Angel”. The nose art was done by George Hoagland of the armament dept at the request of the assigned pilot, Henry Woodrum who, at the time of this picture, was on leave in London. The pilot of the 26 at the time this picture was taken was Lucius Clay who was, I believe , a captain at the time.It is hard to believe that the plane would be repaired and go on to fly several more missions before being shot down with Lt. Woodrum and his crew. I know that Woody was saved by the French and eventually made it back to Stansted. I never heard what happened to the rest of the guys.

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