Allen F. Smith

My father, Allen F. Smith, served in the 344th/495 Squadron,beginning in July of 1944. He was a tailgunner on the B-26 Marauder. He was transferred from the 100th bomber group (B-17) to the B-26 at Stansted, England, during last of July 1944. He was put on Capt. Foote’s crew.

He was overseas for 10 months. In September 1944, his crew transferred to France. He flew 55 missions though not all with Capt. Foote. Capt. Foote’s crew finished their tour of duty and: left for home. This left my father as a spare gunner who then flew with several different crews. This was in Pontoise, France, north of Paris.

In November of 1944, my father was informed that he would serve on the crew of 1st Lt. Joseph Hauser, also from Kansas. Lt. Hauser was a Pathfinder pilot, and my father flew about 40 missions with Lt. Hauser.

My father was a farm boy from Girard, Kansas, where he now lives on the same land his father had.

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