Photos of Frank & Lucy Carrozza

Frank and Lucy Carrozza answered questions for a school assembly in 2000. Lucy was asked about life when Frank was at war; “We got married while Frank was in the Army. I traveled with him and lived off the post in Louisiana until he left for overseas. Coming home alone was a lonely time. The train was filled with many Army and Navy men.”Mom and Dad (Old Photo 2)Mom and Dad (Old Photo)“There were bomb shelters. We had a situation know as Brown Out at night. Street lamps were partially shaded and we had to draw our window shades. Wardens came around and checked that people were complying.”

Dat with Hat during the war“On the homefront many things were rationed. For example gasoline. You received an “A” sticker for a car and a “T” sticker for a truck. We had ration books with points for items like butter, meat, and sugar….you were only allowed one teaspoon of sugar!Dad war mugshot“You couldn’t get silk stockings. That was needed for making parachutes.” “You could draw a line on the back of your legs with eyebrow pencil to make it look like you had stockings on.”

Mom and DadDad with Hat


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