WWII Leather Sqd/Group Patches

Online, I met an interesting guy, Johnny Signor,  who has a small business producing and selling painted leather patches of WWII Squadron and Group insignia. Based on the pictures he sent me, his work looks quite nice and authentic. I asked him if he does custom work such as patches based on nose art etc. He said that he does that kind of work as well. With yearly bomb group reunions coming up and the possibility that some of you who come to this site are looking for a gift to a veteran friend/relative, I thought I would make you aware of this service.

Note: I have no connection with the artist, but have chosen to bring his work to your attention. If you wish to contact Johnny Signor (the artist) his e-mail is; WeBeEmblems@aol.com

Make sure to write “patches” in the subject line so he will know your e-mail is not junk.

His Facebook Page is; https://www.facebook.com/search/str/ww2%20leather%20sgd%2Fgroup%20Patches/keywords_top

Some samples;



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