The Silver Streaks

The Shopworn Angel was one of a group of B-26’s known by their distinctive paint job or lack thereof on the under side (silver blends well with the blue sky for a fighter attacking from below! I’ll start by posting a graphic and list from Mark Styling. This is followed by other info I could glean. Thanks to the sources sited!

Info below from Paul Clouting as posted on http://forum.armyairforces.com/m84149-print.aspx

42-95910 “Wizard Of Koz” (495th BS) coded Y5-F. Shot down by flak on the 22nd April 1944 mission to Siracourt V-1 launch site. MACR#4093.

42-107686, coded Y5-H, 495th BS
Shot down by flak on the 9th August 1944 mission to Brest Harbour, France. MACR#7848. Pilot, 1st Lt. Raymond H Phillips

42-95913, coded Y5-H, 495th BS
Also shot down by flak on same mission as above. MACR#5144. Pilot, 1st Lt. Henry C Woodrum.

42-95922 (495th BS) coded Y5-N. Shot down by flak on the 11th May 1944 mission to Malo Les Bains coastal defences, France. MACR#4515.

42-95858, coded Y5-R, 495th BS
Shot down by flak on the 28th May 1944 mission to bomb the Maisons Laffitte Railroad bridge, across the Seine River, France. MACR#5139. Pliot, Capt. J W Seale.

42-107608, coded Y5-T, 495th BS
Also shot down by flak on same mission as above. MACR#5142, Pilot, 2nd Lt. Jack C Shewell.

42-95895, coded N3-O, 496th BS
Also shot down by flak on same mission as above. MACR#5143. Pilot, 2nd Lt. P J Laux.

42-107855, coded Y5-W, 495th BS
Exploded in mid air, 5 miles North of Stansted on the 25th August 1944 mission to attack heavy gun positions at Fort L’Ambrique, Brest, France. Pilot, 1st L. William H Geary (killed).

42-95925: I have this aircraft listed both as Y5-D RUM BUGGY of 495th BS and as K9-? of 494th BS. As you point out, the 494th BS Marauder had a mid air collision with 42-95981 over Theydon Mount, Epping, on March 8th 1944. As you also point out, the BOTNA-site has RUM BUGGY as 42-95924.
I have sometimes seen that a B-26 was transferred between Bomb Squadrons within a Bomb Group, and of course, also between Bomb Groups. But I do not know if this was the case here. I hope you will be able to solve this puzzle! I have 43-34150 listed as RUM BUGGY II, Y5-? of  495th BS.


Squadron Markings:
Y5 Fuselage Codes

42-95898 Merry Jerry Y5-C force landed in France on 27th August 1944.

42-95924 Rum Buggy Y5-D Lt. Al Frieburger
42-107666 BARRACUDA Y5-F Lt. Arthur Brewer
42-95910 Wizard Of Koz Y5-F
42-95875 The Buzzard Y5-G
42-95913 Y5-H
42-107686 Y5-H Red Dog II 322nd 455th YU-?   Lost Jun.13,1944. MACR# 6048.
42-95973 Six Hits and a Miss Y5-M
42-95922 Y5-N no info
43-34181 LAK-A-NOOKIE Y5-O
42-95967 ROSIE O’BRADY Y5-P
42-95875 Bunny’s Honey Y5-Q Capt. Emanuel Schifani Moved to 387 bg (renamed Buzzard?)
42-95858 Y5-R  Lost Mar. 25,1944. MACR# 3457.
42-95876 MARY JO Y5-S
42-107608 Y5-T
42-107855 Y5-W
43-34426 Y5-Y 1st Lt. Lamar Fleming III

Unknown Codes
42-107742 Rum Buggy II Lt. Al Frieburger
43-34571 B-26G-11-MA Round Too! 394th 584th K5-Y   RAF SER# HD633 Round Too!

40-1510 Wild Willie  B-26 Wild Willie 22nd     Lt. Charles Hitchcock Destroyed in air raid July-5-1942

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  1. Mark Styling says:

    The names of pilots listed on my site are simply pilots that I know to have flown a plane at a particular time. It does not always indicate the pilot at the time of a plane’s loss, but does in some instances. There were very few instances where crews regularly flew the same plane, usually crews flew whichever aircraft were available. As such the information on my site is not incorrect despite the MACR associated with 42-95913 showing 1/Lt Wilson flying the plane at the time of its loss.
    Mark Styling

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