Stansted Kia

2-Nov-42 MacDill Field Died in B-26 accident.
1st Lt. Willian P. Malasky
2nd Lt. William E. Kyle
8-Dec-42 MacDill Field All killed in a plane crash in Tampa Bay.
2nd Lt. John E. Williams, Pilot
2nd Lt. Clarence G. Parsons, Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. Norman J. Linne, Bombardier
S/Sgt. David H. Brown Jr.
S/Sgt; John Mazzarino
Sgt. Samuel J. Lamond
28-Dec-42 Drane Field Killed in training on a routine flight.
2nd Lt. William A. Booth, Pilot
F/O Raymond J. Jewett, Co-Pilot
Lt. Edward E. Stevens, Bombadier-Navigator
S/Sgt. George A. Kennedy
Maj. Joseph C. Nate, 20th Bombardment Wing, Passenger
3rd Officer Elenor C. Nate, WAAC (wife).
29-Dec-42 Drane Field 497th Parachute did not open.
2nd Lt. William A. Lasby
18-Jan-43 Drane Field 497th All killed on cross country flight near Houston, TX.
2nd Lt. Osborne
2nd Lt. Paul T. Movelle
F/O Gerald S. Linder
Sgt. Joseph W. Lloyd
Sgt. David S. Bevens
Sgt. Arthur D. Snyder
Corp. Lawrence S. Lewark
May-43 Ascension Islands 496st Crashed 40 miles off the Ascension Islands on the way overseas. Engine blew up according to Lt. Johnston.
Lt. Harvey Johnson, Pilot (Rescued)
Lt. Prickett, Co-Pilot (MIA)
Lt. Marcelgum, Navigator (MIA)
S/Sgt. O’Steen, Radio-Gunner (MIA)
14-Jul-43 Drane Field 495th Killed in a jeep accident.
Lt. I.W. Arno
8-Mar-44 Stansted 494th Mid-air collision 3 miles from base.
42-95981 1st Lt. John C. Eckert, Pilot (KIA)
2nd Lt. Thomas W. Worrell, Co-Pilot (KIA)
1st Lt. George E. Bair, Bombardier (KIA)
S/Sgt. Alfred R. Border (KIA)
S/Sgt. Lewis O. Thompson (KIA)
S/Sgt. Edward J. Powell (KIA)
Stansted 494th Capt. Jack W. Miller, Pilot (KIA)
42-95925 2nd Lt. Linwood C. Brooke, Co-Pilot (KIA)
1st Lt. James A. Hudson, Bombardier (KIA)
S/Sgt. Abraham B. Butler, Jr. (KIA)
S/Sgt. George D. McMannany (KIA)
S/Sgt. William J. Summers (KIA)
20-Apr-44 4103 Notre Dame Ferme 496th Plane hit by flak. 3 chutes seen to leave before it blew up.
V-2 Site 42-95870 Capt. Harvey A. Johnston, Pilot (POW)
2nd Lt. J.W. Porter, Co-Pilot (POW)
1st Lt. John J. Guiher, Bombardier (POW)
2nd Lt. J. Gould, Navigator (POW)
S/Sgt. Stuart Whitford, Armorer-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. Clarence Bidlack, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
T/Sgt. Harold W. Thomas, Radio-Gunner (POW)
21-Apr-44 4073 Bonnieres 496th Plane shot down. 5 chutes seen to open.
Coastal Defenses 42-95901 2nd Lt. Glen C. Farmer, Pilot (POW)
N3-B 2nd Lt. Gabriel P. Dumaine, Co-Pilot (POW)
S/Sgt. Marcel E. Fontana, Enlisted Bombardier (wounded, POW)
S/Sgt. W.J. Wildman, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. R.W. Glaser, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. Peter P. Gecsey, Armorer-Gunner (POW)
22-Apr-44 4093 Siracourt 495th Shot down at target. 3 men seen to jump from waist gun window.
V-2 Sites 42-95910 Capt. Henry P. Koslowski, Pilot (KIA, Jefferson Barracks Nat Cem, St. Louis)
Y5-F 2nd Lt. Lester W. Hauck, Co-Pilot (POW)
WIZARD 2nd Lt. G.J. Gorski, Navigator (KIA)
OF KOZ 2nd Lt. G.L. Raschke, Bombardier (KIA)
T/Sgt. J.J. Kopinski, Radio-Gunner (KIA, Jefferson Baracks Nat Cem, St. Louis)
S/Sgt. H. Gast, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. W.H. Brockdorf, Tail-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. Everett T. Smith, Waist-Gunner (KIA, Normandy)
23-Apr-44 4094 Heuringhem 497th Shot down after releasing bombs S.W. of St. Omer. 6 chutes were seen to leave plane.
V-2 Site 42-95928 Lt. Ralph N. Leone, Pilot (POW)
Lt. H.D. Scott, Co-Pilot (POW)
Lt. J.J. Bausano, Bombardier (POW)
S/Sgt. S.F. Stewart, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. Harry Williams, Radio-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. H.B. Tharp, Tail-Gunner (POW)
27-Apr-44 4145 Fort Mardick 496st Shot down just after bombs away.
Coastal Defenses 42-95893 1st Lt. Alton B. Rubin, Pilot (KIA)
N3-J 2nd Lt. J.W. Dye, Co-Pilot (KIA, Normandy)
PICADILLY S/Sgt. Frederick Murphy, Engineer-Gunner (RTD)
COMMANDO S/Sgt. R.J. Wilkinson, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. R.J. Garlich, Jr., Photo Technician (KIA, Normandy)
Sgt. Walter H. Heist, Enlisted Bombardier (KIA, Ardennes)
S/Sgt. Vincent J. Conlon, Tail-Gunner (KIA)
27-Apr-44 4144 Fort Mardick 496st Shot down just after bombs away.
Coastal Defenses 42-95926 1st Lt. J. Savko, Pilot (KIA, Normandy)
2nd Lt. W.E. Whitney, Co-Pilot (POW)
S/Sgt. L.F. Lampman, Enlisted Bombardier (KIA)
S/Sgt. R.E. Whicker, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. A.B. Whitworth, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. F.E. Botti, Tail-Gunner (KIA)
10-May-44 4511 Mons 497th Lt. F.M. Morrison and crew were shot down at Brussels, Belgium enroute to attack a Marshalling yard at
Marshalling Yard 42-95856 Mons, Belgium. Lt. Morrison’s plane was his by flak in both the forward bombay and the right engine;
7I-A the plane caught fire, and dropped slightly below the rest of the formation, and exploded and broke
up in the air. Two and possibly three chutes were observed.
Lt. Frederick M. Morrison, Pilot (KIA, Ardennes)
Lt. Edward W. Borresen, Co-Pilot (POW)
S/Sgt. John G. Erikson, Enlisted Bombardier (KIA, Ardennes)
T/Sgt. Ralph W. Fitch, Radio-Gunner (KIA, Ardennes)
Sgt. J.L. Gasmann, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
Sgt. L.W. Oliver Tail-Gunner (POW)
11-May-44 4515 Malo les Bains 495th Plane shot down.
Coastal Defenses 42-95922 1st Lt. R.E. Finch, Pilot (POW)
Y5-N 2nd Lt. Leonard C. Lobb, Co-Pilot (KIA, Normandy)
1st. Lt. Richard C. Andrews, Bombardier (KIA, Ardennes)
S/Sgt. S.M. Szarek, Engineeer-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. D.M. Wagner, Radio-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. M.H. Lorda, Tail-Gunner (POW)
5/28/1944 AM 5143 Paris 496st Plane was hit in the left wing on the bomb run. The bombay was open, the plane pulled out of
RR Bridge 42-95895 formation and went into a vertical dive, dropped 4000 feet, and went into a spin to the left, then
straightened out. Then seemed as though the tail came off, dropped into another spin and disappeared
from view.
2nd Lt. P.J. Laux, Pilot (EVADED)
2nd Lt. M.T. Ritchey, Co-Pilot (EVADED)
2nd Lt. W.A. Boyce, Bombardier (POW)
Sgt. P. Ruiz, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. R.W. Henry, Radio-Gunner (POW)
Sgt. E.W. Butler, Tail Gunner (POW)
5/28/1944 AM 5141 Paris 495th Plane was hit in the left engine on the bomb run. He pulled his plane into number 4 position of first
RR Bridge 42-107691 flight then peeled off to right with engine smoking and left formation with wheels down appearing to
Y5-H be under control in a dive when last observed three parachutes were observed to come from the plane.
There was no reported observation of plane crashing.
2nd Lt. Jack C. Shewell, Pilot (MIA, Normandy WOM)
2nd Lt. W.D. Bradford, Co-Pilot (KIA)
2nd Lt. James Johnson, Bombardier (KIA, Epinal)
Sgt. Mark W. Cave, Engineer-Gunner (MIA, Lorraine WOM)
S/Sgt. T.E. Joyner, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. J. Forsythe, Tail Gunner (KIA)
5/28/1944 AM 5142 Paris 495th Plane was hit in the left engine on the bomb run. The plane went down in a shallow dive with engine
RR Bridge 42-107608 afire. There was no reported observation of plane crashing. Five chutes were observed to come from
Y5-T the plane.
2nd Lt. I.R. Morgan, Jr., Co-Pilot (POW)
S/Sgt C.L. Griffith, Bombardier (POW)
Sgt. R.E. Burton, Radio-Gunner (POW)
Sgt. T.J. Zargorski, Radio-Gunner (POW)
Sgt. E.L. Hickey, Tail Gunner (KIA)
5/28/1944 AM 5139 Paris 495th Was hit by flak in the left engine on the bomb run. The plane nosed up and drifted off to the right of
RR Bridge 42-95858 formation ont of sight. One parachute was observed to come from the plane/
Y5-R CP. J.W. Seale, Pilot (KIA)
1st Lt. C.A. Forrester, Co-Pilot (KIA)
1st Lt. Eugene D. Moffett, Navigator (POW / KIA, Epinal)
1st Lt. Ropert P. Gilmore, Bombadier (KIA, Epinal)
T/Sgt. M. Young, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
T/Sgt. W.H. Slaton, Radio-Gunner (POW)
S/Sgt. F.B. Cessna, Tail-Gunner (POW)
5/28/1944 AM 5144 Paris 496st Plane was hit by flak on the bomb run. The plane was last observed at 5000 feet, losing altitude and both
RR Bridge 42-95913 engines were smoking when the plane left formation. Two chutes were observed to come from the
1st Lt. S.W. Peterson, Pilot (KIA)
2nd Lt. Buck Wilson, Co-Pilot (POW)
1st Lt. H. Harvey, Bombardier (POW)
T/Sgt. C.S. Maddox, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. C.E. Davis, Engineer-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. E.R. Trayes, Tail Gunner (KIA, Mt. Hope Cemetary, Chicago)
J.M. Long, (KIA)
5/28/1944 PM 5140 Amiens 497th On 28 May, 1944, Lt. J.F. Reynolds and crew were shot down while attacking a Marshalling yard at Amiens,
Marshalling Yard 42-95920 France. Lt. Reynold’s plane was hit by flak over the target, and left formation after passing over the
7I-L target. The right propellor was feathered, and the plane turned left off course SW of Doullens, France,
and took a 300 degree course escorted by two or more P-47’s. Per report verified through the Ninth
Bomber Command and by the 405th Fighter Group, Lt. Reynold’s plane crashed five miles south of
Abbeville, France. Four chutes were seen to leave the plane, and observers stated it appeared that there
was ample time for the rest of the crew to abandon the plane.
1st Lt. James F. Reynold, Pilot (KIA while parachuting)
2nd Lt. Edward Horn, Co-Pilot (POW, Stallag Luft III)
2nd Lt. Joseph Johnson, Bombardier (Escaped)
T/Sgt. George H. Coon, Radio-Gunner (Escaped)
S/Sgt. Samuel M. Gold, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
Cpl. Leonard N. Pew, Tail Gunner (MIA, Ardennes WOM)
4-Jun-44 Stansted 494th Plane crashed on take-off. Bombs exploded & men killed by blast.
S/Sgt. Boyd Pauling (KIA)
S/Sgt. John A. Strauss (KIA)
6-Jun-44 5656 D-Day 497th On target approach, flak claimed Lt. James McKamey’s plane. The plane was hit in the right engine, and with
Beau Guillot 42-95902 a fire in its full bomb bay, the aircraft was pulled out of formation and turned to head back across the
Defended Coastal 7I-G Channel. The pilot’s aim was clearly to ditch and give his crew the chance of being picked up, but the plane
Area exploded in mid-air. Three chutes were seen to leave the plane.
2nd Lt. James B. McKamey, Pilot (MIA, Normandy WOM)
F/O J.F. Kechley, Co-Pilot (MIA, Normandy WOM)
Sgt. Jess Scott, Bombardier (MIA, Normandy WOM)
S/Sgt. S.J. Zuniga, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. M.M. Larini, Engineer-Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. H.L. Finn, Tail Gunner (KIA)
10-Jun-44 5708 Valognes 496st Plane went down over enemy territory.
Choke Point 42-107574 2nd Lt. H.D. Burdette, Pilot (KIA)
2nd Lt. D.W. Edwards, Co-Pilot (KIA)
2nd Lt. A.L. Collins, Bombardier (KIA)
S/Sgt. Joseph G. Gisavage, Engineer-Gunner (KIA, Normandy)
S/Sgt. Marshall H. Porter, Radio-Gunner (KIA, Normandy)
S/Sgt. Sherrard Billings II, Tail-Gunner (KIA, Normandy)
29-Jun-44 Gissel 497th Died from flak at the target.
Bridge S/Sgt. Williams, Radio-Gunner
2-Jul-44 Bishop Stortford 497th Killed walking along road near RR station.
1st Lt. Julian H. Burgess, Jr., Pilot (Cambridge)
24-Jul-44 7478 Tours/LaRiche 494th Plane lost to enemy action.
RR Bridge 42-95964 2nd Lt. Robert V. Coulter, Pilot (POW, STALAG LUFT III)
2nd Lt. Donald W. Virgin, Co-Pilot (KIA)
S/Sgt. John E. Ryan, Bombardier (POW, STALAG LUFT IV)
S/Sgt. Bernard Blonder, Engineer-Gunner (POW, STALAG LUFT IV)
S/Sgt. George C. Blower, Radio-Gunner (POW, STALAG LUFT IV)
S/Sgt. Alfred F. Sutkowski, Tail-Gunner (EVADED)
24-Jul-44 Tours/LaRiche 494th Squadron Navigator, lost his life on this mission for which he was the Lead Bombardier.
RR Bridge Capt. James P. Parish (KIA)
9-Aug-44 7848 Brest 495th Plane shot down. All were killed.
Tankers in harbor 42-107686 Lt. Raymond H. Phillips, Pilot (KIA)
2nd Lt. James R. Elliott, Jr., Co-Pilot (KIA)
S/Sgt. Williams C. Lastinger, Bombardier (KIA)
S/Sgt. Harold J. Whisenant, Engineer-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. James M. Moulder, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. Alvin G. Becker, Tail-Gunner (KIA)
25-Aug-44 Stansted 495th Plane crashed on take-off. All of the crew was lost.
1st. Lt. W.H. Geary, Pilot (KIA)
1st Lt. Leman E. Whittler, Jr., Co-Pilot (KIA Cambridge)
2nd Lt. Richard D. O’Connel, Bombardier (KIA, Cambridge)
T/Sgt. Sidney M. Veale, Engineer-Gunner (KIA, Cambridge)
S/Sgt. G.V. Corder, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. W.H. Reed, Tail-Gunner (KIA)
G. Audin, War Correspondent (KIA)
30-Aug-44 Stansted 496st Crashed at take-off on cross country hop.
1st. Lt. Danner, Pilot (KIA)
Lt. Edward E. Williams, Sqdrn Adjutant (KIA, Cambridge)
23-Sep-44 9735 Venlo 494th 3 planes lost to enemy action. 18 personnel placed on missing status.
Marshalling Yard 42-107679 1st Lt. C.W. Carrington, Pilot (KIA, Arlington)
2nd Lt. Frank Brackoneski, Co-Pilot (KIA, Arlington)
2nd Lt. S.F. Thistlewaite, Bombardier (KIA, Arlington)
S/Sgt. Wayne L. Martin, Engineer-Gunner (KIA, Ardennes)
Sgt. G.H. Roesser, Radio-Gunner (KIA, Beverly Nat Cem, New Jersey)
S/Sgt. M.J. Flynn, Tail-Gunner (KIA, Arlington)
23-Sep-44 9733 Venlo 494th 1st Lt. Jack B. Comstock, Pilot (KIA, Netherlands)
Marshalling Yard 43-34406 2nd Lt. Peter S. Orth. Co-Pilot (POW, Stalag Luft I)
2nd Lt. M.J. Neal, Bombardier (KIA)
S/Sgt. A.W. Johnson, Engineer-Gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. A.J. Reilly, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. H.C. Smith, Tail-Gunner (KIA)
23-Sep-44 9734 Venlo 496th 1st Lt. J.B. Hegg, Pilot (RTD)
Marshalling Yard 42-107619 Capt. William Reitz, Co-Pilot (KIA, Netherlands)
2nd Lt. R.E. McNeil, Bombardier (RTD)
S/Sgt. B.J. Liptak, Engineer-Gunner (RTD)
T/Sgt. T.G. Wilcox, Radio-Gunner (RTD)
Pvt. O.M. Riggs, Tail-Gunner (RTD)
6-Oct-44 9219 Arnhem 495th Plane destroyed by flak.
Highway bridge 42-95918 1st Lt. Herbert H. Moore, Jr., Pilot
2nd Lt. A.J. Allen, Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. E. Sadula, Bombardier (KIA)
S/Sgt. B.A. Bielinski, Engineer-Gunner
Sgt. Einar H. Nielsen, Radio-Gunner
Sgt. C.M. Boyer, Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. N.H. Truax, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
19-Nov-44 13038 Neuwied 494th Aircraft was hit by flak resulting in death of both men.
RR Bridge 42-96214 Capt. Webster S. Allyn, Pilot
S/Sgt. Edward Bosack
27-Dec-44 Ahrweiler 495th Plane ran out of gas. Crew bailed out at approx. 300 ft. Lt. Fleming remained with plane.
RR Bridge 1st Lt. L. Fleming III, Pilot
1st Lt. C.A. Gouge, Co-Pilot
1st. Lt. N.D. Carlson, Bombardier
T/Sgt. E.J. McNulty
T/Sgt. J.H. Chevalier, Engineer-Gunner
S.Sgt. R.E. Farley, Tail-Gunner
Dec-44 England 496th Died at hospital in England following jeep accident.
T/Sgt. Thomas Hanly
1-Jan-45 Cormeilles-en-Vexin 497th Plane crashed on runway on take-off. 14 minutes later, bombs exploded.
2nd Lt. Robert R. Chalot, Pilot
2nd Lt. Eliot W. Falk, Co-Pilot
S/Sgt. Bronislas Krowiak
Sgt. Frank W. Dunaway
Sgt. Garth Morse
Sgt. William R. Fowler
1-Jan-45 Cormeilles-en-Vexin 2058th Eng. (Aviation) Fire fighters were instantly killed by the detonation.
1st. Lt. Alton S. Parker, In Command (KIA)
Sgt. Elmer E. Juily (KIA)
Cpl. William G. Reiker (KIA)
P/5 Leonard S. Luezkowski (KIA)
5-Jan-45 Houffalize 494th Accurate flak prior to the bomb run resulted in Sgt. Brown’s death.
Road Junction T/Sgt. R.D. Brown, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
16-Jan-45 Bullay 494th Crashed shortly after take-off and while joining up.
RR Bridge Lt. Melvin D. Cleck, Pilot
2nd Lt. Stanley R. Haskins, Co-Pilot
S/Sgt. Esequiel P. Mendez, Jr., Engineer-Gunner
Sgt. Owen B. Sweeny, Radio-Gunner
Sgt. Lewis A. Hilger, Tail-Gunne
496th Capt. Richard S. Herried, Bombardier
28-Jan-45 Cormeilles-en-Vexin 497th Aircraft crashed shortly after take-off.
1st Lt. R.C. Barnard, Pilot
Capt. R.M. Mitchell, Pilot
Lt. M.H. Sellers, Bombardier
Sgt. P.J. Collins
10-Feb-45 Harren 495th Aircraft shot down. Pilot bailed out in friendly territory and crew bailed out over enemy territory.
Communications 1st Lt. H.A. Mallory, Pilot
2nd Lt. C.L. Early, Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. Walter Harden, Bombardier
T/Sgt. J.H. Chevalier, Engineer-Gunner
T/Sgt. W.C. Farrell, Radio-Gunner
S/Sgt. E.C. McCarter, Tail-Gunner
10-Feb-45 Harren 495th Fatally wounded by flak thru tail turret.
Communications S/Sgt. C. Vanderlugt, Tail-Gunner (KIA)
13-Feb-45 12305 Euskirchen 494th Two aircraft shot down. 12 personnel listed as missing -in-action.
RR Bridge 42-95862 2nd Lt. Hugh L. Yeager, Jr., Pilot
2nd Lt. Robert J. Forden, Co-Pilot
F/O Neil W. Boylan, Bombardier
Sgt. Norman E. Dwight, Engineer-Gunner
Sgt. Otha W. Hester, Radio-Gunner
S/Sgt. Charles W. Blucher, Tail-Gunner
13-Feb-45 Euskirchen 497th Plane received a direct hit on bomb run. Possibly one chute was seen.
RR Bridge Lt. A.R. Williams, Pilot
Lt. M.F. Crowley, Co-Pilot
Lt. J.R. Brown, Bombardier-Navigator
Sgt. A.J. Ryder, Engineer-Gunner
Sgt. A.A. Zabinski, Radio-gunner
Sgt. C. Coyaso, Tail-Gunner
14-Feb-45 12344 Engers 5 Aircraft shot down. 31 personnel listed as missing.
RR Bridge 495th Hit over target. 3 chutes seen to leave plane.
42-95917 Capt. Thomas Brennan, Pilot (MIA)
Y5-J 2nd Lt. F. LaFountaine, Co-Pilot (KIA)
SHOPWORN 2nd Lt. H.W. Zuest, Bombardier (KIA)
ANGEL Sgt. E. Monahan, Engineer-Gunner (MIA)
Sgt. K.F. Pace, Radio-Gunner (MIA)
Sgt. W.A. Delaven, Tail-Gunner (MIA)
14-Feb-45 12386 Engers 496th Lt. G.K. Holm, Pilot (MIA)
RR Bridge 43-34332 Lt. W.M. Holman, Co-Pilot (MIA)
N3-G Lt. P.G. Mulholland, Bombardier (MIA)
Sgt. M.B. Rabalis, Engineer-Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. W.A. Spear, Radio-Gunner (POW)
Sgt. F.L. McKenny, Tail-Gunner (KIA)
14-Feb-45 12352 Engers 497th Plane shot down at target.
RR Bridge 42-95917 1st Lt. William Riley Jones, Pilot (KIA – Netherlands) O-760860
Shirley Ann 1st Lt. Richard Carroll Light, Co-Pilot O-822950
1st Lt. Melvin Ray O’Brian, Bombardier O-712211
1st Lt. John Edward Knight, GEE Operator (KIA) O-735319
T/Sgt. Uel Milton Myers, Engineer-Gunner 36657182
S/Sgt. Norman Derwood Polk, Radio-Gunner (POW) 33676696
S/Sgt. Peter Newton Dudley, Tail-Gunner 19113146
14-Feb-45 12387 Engers 497th Plane shot down at target.
RR Bridge 43-34196 Lt. J.P. Nelson, Pilot (MIA)
Lt. D.T. Bennett, Co-Pilot (MIA)
Lt. W.P. Santel, Bombardier (MIA)
Sgt. W.O. Severson, Engineer-Gunner (POW)
Sgt. D.E. Brecht, Radio-Gunner (MIA)
Sgt. A.J. Sullivan, Tail-Gunner (POW)
14-Feb-45 12385 Engers 497th Plane shot down at target.
RR Bridge 42-95900 Lt. R.C. Meppen, Pilot (POW)
Lt. G.R. Farthing, Co-Pilot (POW)
Lt. G.P. Larson, Bombardier (POW)
Sgt. J. Chiari, Engineer-Gunner (MIA)
Sgt. S.L. Myers, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. E. Cheramie, Tail-Gunner (MIA)
23-Feb-45 12649 Erkelenz 497th Plane shot down. 8 personnel missing.
Communications Capt. Carl Franklin Chapman, Jr., Pilot (KIA – Margraten, Netherlands) O-659663
1st Lt. John J. Sheehan, Co-Pilot (KIA – Ardennes, Belgium) O-816603
2nd Lt. James Richard Harl, Bombardier (KIA – Ft. McPherson, Nebraska) O-722452
1st. Lt. Kenneth Gordan Bowdish, Navigator (KIA – Ft. McPherson, Nebraska) O-741451
1st Lt. Frederick D. Storey, GEE Operator (KIA – Ft. McPherson, Nebraska) O-765744
S/Sgt. Ballard J. Bentley, Engineer-Gunner (KIA – Margraten, Netherlands)
T/Sgt. J.P. Herndon, Radio-Gunner (KIA – Margraten, Netherlands) 18005969
S/Sgt. W.T. Williamson, Tail-Gunner (KIA – Margraten, Netherlands) 18083363
24-Feb-45 12612 Viersen 495th Aircraft shot down. 6 personnel missing. No chutes seen to open.
Communications 1st Lt. Humphrey Marshall Mallory, Pilot (MIA) O-793142
1st Lt. Thomas Lewis VanOver, Co-Pilot (MIA) O-791742
S/Sgt. Charles Franklin Brooker, Bombardier (MIA) 35516194?
Sgt. James Sherwood Gilroy, Engineer-Gunner (MIA) 36457707
Sgt. William Franklin Ramsey, Radio-Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. Homer Dean Duncan, Tail-Gunner (KIA) 39916133
9-Mar-45 12952 Bierbach 496th Plane shot down at the target by flak. No chutes were observed to leave the plane.
Marshalling Yard 42-96094 Lt. Lewis E. Lanford, Pilot (KIA) O-433088
BATTLE BABY Lt. Clarence Sylvester Lohnes, Co-Pilot (POW) O-782311
N-3 Lt. HARRY MILTON HAGUE, Bombardier (KIA)
Sgt. GEORGE A. Glick, Engineer-Gunner (POW) 37351621
Sgt. GEORGE Boardingham, JR. Radio-Gunner (KIA)
Sgt. CECIL G. Barnes, Tail-Gunner (KIA)
Killed by flak on above mission:
Lt. Harrell, Bombardier
21-Mar-45 Coesfeld 494th Lost his life on this mission.
Defended town S/Sgt. Jack W. Burnham
24-Mar-45 13337 Colbe 496th Sustained a direct hit, lost a wing and crashed.
RR Bridge 44-68101 Lt. Charles Henry Ware, Jr., Pilot 0-780096
N3F F/O Robert A. Sturn, Co-Pilot (KIA, Lorraine, France) T-134267
F/O Frederick F. White, Bombardier (KIA, Lorraine, France) T-133662
Sgt. Waters, Frank Dalton, Engineer-Gunner (RTD) 36482123
Sgt. Phillips E. Hicks. Tail-Gunner (KIA, Lorraine, France) 17136773
Sgt. C.R. Roy Smith, Radio-Gunner (KIA, Lorraine, France) 18232534
24-Mar-45 Colbe 496th Sustained hit to one of its engines. Crew jumped. Half the crew made it safely.
RR Bridge 42-95982

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