Shopworn Angel Artwork: Support Honor Flights

I received the following image of the Shopworn Angel.

Shopworn Angel_Stars and Stripes_CarrozzoThe artist is offering these to help support the Heartland Honor Flight program. An excerpt from his email to me;

My name is Kermit Dyer and I took up watercolor painting when I retired. I am including a “bio” below that explains my wife Stella’s and my interest in using my art to raise money for veteran causes. Anyway by way of background, we got to know Connie Owen and learned about her father, George W. Crittenden, who was a bombardier on the Shopworn Angel.

I ended up doing an original watercolor of the Shopworn Angel that now hangs in Connie’s home. To relate the history of the planes I paint to the events they participated in, I often take the watercolor image of the plane and superimpose it digitally onto historical references. I have done this with the Shopworn Angel and plan to make a limited edition of 150 fine art prints. Fifteen of them will have an image roughly 16 by 24 inches and the remainder will have a 13 by 19 inch image. The reason for the two sizes is that I find that many prefer the smaller images since with a mat they fit nicely in an 18 by 24 inch off the shelf frame and that helps save them money.

I plan to sell the larger images for $90 plus tax and the smaller for $50 plus tax and the cost to ship it to the buyer with all proceeds above what the printer charges me for the print going to the Heartland Honor Flight here in the Kansas City area. I would think the buyers should be able to take a tax deduction for roughly half of the sales price, but that is not my field of expertise.

I am attaching a thumbnail of the image. The prints will be available for purchase directly from my printer. This email is just to let you know what I have done, so if you have any questions or just want to talk about my painting feel free to contact me at pxr66503@yahoo.com

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