Margatan Cemetary/Memorial, Netherlands: Fields of Honor Database

Margatan Cemetary/Memorial, Netherlands: Fields of Honor Database

I have received an e-mail from Raf Dyckman representing the Fields of Honor Database. Many WWII servicemen are buried or memorialized there. If you know or are related to anyone buried there, please consider sending them a photo of the serviceman. Also, the database is a great resource. Find their website at http://www.adoptiegraven-database.nl/

You should try there database. Click the link or go to http://www.adoptiegraven-database.nl/index.php/zoeken

For “Search Keyword” I typed 344th. The result was many servicemen form that group with related information. Here is one of the result pages  http://www.adoptiegraven-database.nl/index.php/zoeken?searchword=344th&ordering=newest&searchphrase=all&limit=20

What follows is the text of the e-mail they sent me;

Some time ago, you granted our organization, the Fields of Honor – Database, permission to use information and photos of your website to complete our research on the American soldiers who are buried or memorialized at the U.S. cemeteries in Margraten, the Netherlands and Henri-Chapelle and Ardennes in Belgium. The information on your website has been very helpful and I want to thank you once more for your kind support.
In relation to the seventieth anniversary of the American War Cemetery and Memorial Netherlands in Margraten this November, I would like to ask your attention for a new project that we have recently started, called The Faces of Margraten. Through this project we aim to give a face to as many soldiers buried or memorialized there as possible by decorating their graves with a personal photo. In co-operation with adopters, the soldiers’ relatives and veterans’ associations we will try to collect as many photos as possible in the upcoming months. You can find all the information on the website: www.thefacesofmargraten.com.
We would very much appreciate it if you could help us in any way to make this project become a success. For example, could you spread the link of this website to the members of your organization? Maybe they are or they know relatives of soldiers who are buried at Margraten and they have pictures of them they can contribute. Moreover, we would of course appreciate hearing from you if you have more photos of these men and women yourself.
I already thank you for your time and your kind support. I will look forward to hearing from you!

Raf Dyckmans

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