Lt. Casey Hasey Remembers D-Day

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Casey Hasey, 94, of Cathedral City, was a bombardier who could see events unfold from the nose of a B-26 as he fired on the Germans below.

Click the image below to hear Casey read from his book.

 Casey Hasey reads

U.S. Army Air Corps vet Casey Hasey reads from his book, ‘My Bombsight View of WWII’

Their fear is that when the last D-Day vet dies, so will the facts — and the importance — of the day.

Already, they see the sacrifices fading away.

“It’s amazing how many people … don’t know anything about what happened,” said Tunison. He’s a volunteer at the Palm Springs Air Museum and frequently encounters people from all over the world who know little to nothing about the invasion at Normandy.

Hasey recalled a dentist mentioning World War II to him and “the lady who was assisting her says, ‘Who was fighting?’ I’m not kidding,” he said.

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