Letters to Frank Carrozza From His Father

The following are letters to Frank P. Carrozza from his father. As Frank went off to war, his father offered encouragement. The letters are written in Italian ( probably a Sicilian dialect ). Thanks to Major Jim Kelly MD. for the translation.



March 24, 1943
Dearest son,

You should know that we are all good and healthy as we hope you are as this finds you.
I send to you courage and the cold blood that you will never die, and remember that you are the son and brother of warriors, you are fighting for your country; don’t ever be disheartened because your God will help you.
Be obedient and respectful to all your superiors and honor your country.

From all of us including s.Lucia and the family, receive our affectionate kisses.
From me and your mother, in our name receive the holy blessing.


New York March 30, 1943
Dearest son,

We have received your letter and your sentiment that you remain well as are we.
You may question our courage for what you are trying to do: The son of a warrior must never ever be inferior? But must always fight with all your being just as your father fought all his life.
All courage and attempts of the family Carrozza, always moves ahead and never from behind.
Many kisses to you from mother and father.

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