Lee Goldstein

Lee Goldstein entered the Army Air Corps on April 8 1944. Was sent Biloxi Miss. for basic, then to,SiouxFalls, SD for radio school. On to Yuma, Ariz. for gunnery, then to Lincoln Neb., to South Hamp. Eng. to Le Havre To Schleissheim Germany, arrived in Oct. B26 base to relieve Vets being sent home. Discharged June15th, 1946. Uneventfull, but proud to have served. I would appreciate any names of guys who may have served at Schleissheim during my time.

Goldstein portraitGoldstein A-26-2Goldstein A-26Goldstein with friend Schleissheim

We were close to Munich and, had the opportunity to walk around and observe the devastation. The German people went overboard to be nice to us, however their generosity was personally ill received. I had two great grandparents die in the holocaust. The devastation was very apparent when flying over the industrial cities such as Cologne. All in all an an unforgettable experience.

Goldstein cycleThe other 2 guys were my buddies in Schleissheim Germany, a former Luftwaffe base. The taller one was from Des Moines, the other from Brooklyn. From Des Moines was Keith Mayfield, now deceased. Other one Phillip Goldstein, i don’t know where or what. You are correct, A26s’. I’m the one on the motor bike.

Goldstein buddies