In Memory: Alf Egil Johanneson

The e-mail below was sent to me by the family of an important friend and contributer to this web page and to the B-26 community. I am saddened to hear of his passing.
Dear friends and acquaintances,
At the beginning of November last year, Alf was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After more thorough examination, it was identified as a rare and aggressive type that had spread to the skeleton. He went through four tough chemotherapy treatments, which had a positive effect, but in return reduced his immune defence and he was several times admitted to the hospital.
After the last treatment on the 9th of February, he became very ill, and at the hospital he was diagnosed with an infection in his intestinal area. After several days with bravely fighting the infection, it became too much for his body to handle, and he suffered from blood poisoning. His heart stopped on Thursday February 24th 11.55 am, with his wife, daughter and son by his side. It was a calm and peaceful passing and he felt no pain in the end. He’s deeply missed, we could not ask for a better father or husband. Rest in peace dad.
We, who are left behind miss him deeply and understand that he had a large network of friends that also need to hear the news. He greatly appreciated all of you and often told us of all the lovely people he was in touch with. We thank you all on his and our behalf , for your friendship with Alf.  In the time after it’s all the experiences, stories and the good memories with us and you, that keep him alive within us.
It would mean a lot to us in the family if anybody would like to share with us how you got to know Alf, and perhaps other things you find natural to share with us. Dad possesses an incredible amount of information, books, pictures, things and similar about WW2, planes, B26 Marauder, etc. that we wish to distribute to the right people who can make use of it, like dad would have wanted.
Sincerely Nina, Catharina and Andreas
Contact info:

Nina Konow, Address: Klarasvei 45, 3244 Sandefjord, Norway. Tlf: +47 33 47 87 26.  Mob: +47 40 47 64 64. nina.konow@sandefjordbredband.net
Andreas Konow Johannessen, andreas.k.johannessen@gmail.com Mob: +47 40 47 97 86.
Catharina Konow Johannessen, magicatten@yahoo.no Mob: +47 99 29 27 17.

Alf Egil Johannessen, b.06.18 1952 / d.02.24.2011, ceremony at Ekeberg kapell in Sandefjord friday 4. March 2011, at 1 p.m. MET standard time.

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