Frank Carrozza’s Dog tags

I decided that Douglas Kenngott should inherit his grandfather’s dog tags. They both have a warrior’s heart and so seems most appropriate he should have them.

After receiving them he did some research on the information the tags provide. Here is a  picture of the dog tags and the information  he found.

NARA – AAD – Display Partial Records – Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, ca. 1938 – 1946 (Enlistment Records)

I looked up how to read army serial numbers the number as I assumed was not arbitrary..

On grandpa’s dog tag it states

32794953 T43 43 O

Then a C under the O

32 means he was a drafted army

T43 is the year of his tetanus immunization shot which is an antibody intravenous shot

43 is the year he got toxoid tetanus shot not sure what that is… Seems it’s given when tetanus is eminent it’s like a preemptive intra muscular shot… Kinda tells you they are expecting extra holes in you.

O is blood type

C is Christian

Because of the range of the number it shows he was first army area meaning East coast from second Corp area which included –

Second Corps Area (New Jersey-Delaware-New York) HQ=Governors Island, N.Y.)

Pretty interesting stuff I think….

I went to archives site online and this is a link to it… Doesn’t tell too much.


This here provides more info


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