Dad’s Wartime Prayer Book

They say there are no atheists in a foxhole. Here is a prayer book I found with my father’s keepsakes. I can’t say it is well worn nor do I know if he used another prayer book when he went to mass overseas. He had a different, larger one at home. He was never much for going to mass when his children were growing up. He did make sure we went to mass and religious instruction.

Dads Wartime PrayerbookI don’t know where I heard the story, but I was surprised to learn that my father was the one to say the Lord’s Prayer over the B-26s intercom each time they crossed the English Channel.


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  1. carol your sister says:

    HI,dad had another war missal , it was well used..Dad was with us in church when we were little..we all had to dress up, he had on a suit..then he would show me what page we were on all through services. Then when our older brother Frank aka Paul could drive he took over the ritual. He made us sit very quiet and he wouldnt let me even cross my legs..sometimes we would start laughing and couldnt stop ..do you remember..and also we went to midnight mass until we got too old and couldnt stay up that late lol

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