Cpl. Leonard Norris Pew

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MACR# 5140 DATE – 28 May 1944

On May 28th, 1944, at 7 pm, on a beautiful, warm, spring evening over German occupied France, 2nd Lt. Edward W. Horn, bailed out of a burning “Smilin’ Joy” 4295920 7I-L over Abbeville. It was Horn’s 23rd mission and second mission of the day. The 19 year old co-pilot and his crew were hit by flak in the right engine while over over the bomb target, the marshaling yard in Amiens, France. With a P-47 escort, and the damaged plane under control, they headed for the English Channel. They were not able to maintain altitude nor extinguish the engine fire. The bombardier, 2nd Lt. Joseph Johnson and gunner, Tech/Sgt George Coon, bailed out and were picked up by the French underground. After three months of evasion, they returned to England. 2nd Lt. Horn and Staff/Sgt Samuel McDowell Coon, were captured and became POWs.

The pilot, 1st Lt. James Reynold, a West Point graduate, was shot by machine gun fire while trying to parachute to the ground. Cpl Leonard Norris Pew, the tail-gunner, is still listed as MIA. Incidently, this was the second mission of the day. Four others planes were shot down by anti-aircraft guns (88 mm) on the first mission.

PILOT – 1st Lt. James Foster Reynolds 0-25559 (killed)
COPILOT – 2nd Lt. Edward Horn (POW 0-69370 (POW)
BOMBARDIER- 2nd Lt. Joseph Johnson 0-745821(bailed out and evaded capture)
RADIO/GUN – T/Sgt. George Henry Coons 32550339 (bailed out and evaded capture)
ENG/GUN – S/Sgt. Samuel McDonald Gold 15170081 (POW)
TAIL/GUN – Cpl. Leonard Norris Pew 17129317 (killed)