Cpl. George Hoagland

Webmasters note: My father always felt that The Shopworn Angel was his principal airplane during his 65 missions. Records show that he flew in many of the 495th’s B-26s. Early in my research of my father’s service history indicated that the nose art on the plane was painted by George Hoagland. It has taken many years to gather this information from his sons.

Photos, documents, and captions courtesy of Craig G. Hoagland (son)

George Hoaland in uniform Colorized

Colorized by Carrozza

George Hoaland in uniform



344TH 495TH 42-95917 SHOPWORN ANGEL Y5-J

Bill Royal BombGp: 344 Squadron: 495 Years: 42-45.
“I was browsing today to see what I could find and brought up b26.com/photo and saw a picture of the plane which I was the assigned armorer. The name of the plane was “Shopworn Angel”. The nose art was done by George Hoagland of the armament dept. at the request of the assigned pilot, Henry Woodrum.”

Notes from Jeff Hoagland (son)
“He was so upset that many of his friends died during missions”

George Hoaland ground crew
“Crewmen thought it was lucky to have the plane painted.”

George Hoaland ground guys
George Hoaland nose art“He went to Lycoming College for art before the war and Pratt
Institute after the war for 4 more years art school. Some of his planes
 were featured in a contemporary magazines like Life or Look.
He was a good artist, first published in a magazine at age 13.

George Hoaland crew
He met a French girl. After he came home and saved over 4 years to bring her to the states.
He passed a few years back but still loved her and the times as armorer with the 495th
He said they directed a strafing run on a railway yard using the turrets and the package guns. Only the package guns on my dad’s plane flown by General Clay worked. Everybody got chewed out and he got a pass!”

George Hoagland found some pictures left behind by the Germans. The 344th would occupy sites after the Germans vacated. The pictures seem to depict a fieldGeorge Hoaland German Field Kitchen 2 kitchen.

George Hoaland Field Kitchen

George Hoaland 48 hr leave

George Hoaland marksmanshipGeorge Hoaland obituaryGeorge Hoaland Grit Newspaper