2nd Lt. Edward Wadleigh Borresen


2nd Lt Edward Borresen colorized


Edward Wadleigh Borresen

Bill Borresen BombGp: 344

Squadron: 497

Years: 44 to end

Class: Location: MacDill.

Borresen was an original member of Hut #10 while in Stansted, England.

344th Hut 10

He was co-pilot on 7I-A, 295856, flew 22 missions, shot down over Brussels May 10 1944. A major error by the squadron navigator put them in harms way. On his plane there were three survivors and three dead. One plane returned to Manston. Borresen spent the rest of war in Stalag Luft III. Lt. Borresen was liberated at Mooseburg. His most usual plane was named Fertile Mertile.

344th Spread Sheet Info: Shot down by flak on the 10/5/44 mission to the Mons Marshaling yards. The aircraft flown by 1st Lt. Frederick Mackay Morrison took a direct hit between the forward bomb bay and the right wing, and exploded in mid air. Three of the crew managed to bail out of the aircraft which broke into several pieces, and survived. The pieces of the shattered aircraft came down in Brussels. A navigational error had taken the formation over a heavily flak defended area close to Brussels.

B0289 5-10-44 p475 Form Morrison Borresen

Formation 344th BG May 10, 1944

B0289 5-10-44 Map Mons Morrison Borresen

Target Map 344th BG May 10, 1944 mission

B0289 p487 LL Morrison Borresen 5-10-44 for MACR

Load List Morrison/Borresen on top. May 10, 1944 mission

Fertile Mertile Sketch

Sketch of Fertile Mertile while in POW camp Joe Gussman

Below submitted by his son, William A. Borresen

Assignment: 344th B.G., 497th Sqdn., 9th AF.

Station: 169 Stansted, England.

ED HORNpublicity photo

From collection of Ed Horn

Service #’s: 13098625, A0816407, FR25786.

Plane: B-26 Marauder, FERTILE MERTILE, 7I-A, 22 missions complete , 85 combat hours.

R TU: Lake Charles, LA, 14 ov. – 28 Dec. 1943.

Pilot Training: Moody AAF, GA. Nov. 1943.

A/C#: 295856, B-26-B50.

Pilot: Lt. Fredric M. Morrison (KIA).

Copilot: 2nd Lt. Edward W. Borresen (RTD-DEC).

Toggelier: Staff Sgt. John G. Ericson (KIA).

Eng/Gnr. Sgt. J. L. Gussman (RTD).

R/Gnr: Tech. Sgt. R. H. Fitch (KIA).

Tail Gnr: L. M. Glover (RTD).

Morrison Borresen ?

Shot down: May 10, 1944.

Mission: Mons Marshaling Yard, Belgium.

From 344th Silver Streaks:

On the morning of May 10, our planes were dispatched to Mons to destroy the marshaling yard, flight bombing to be the method of attack. The enemy defenses at this yard we re strong and accurate, and of the 38 planes participating, 25 received battle damage, and one plan e was shot down, bearing a crew of six.

Five crewmen were wounded. The plane destroyed at the target was piloted by Ist Lt. Fredrick M. Morrison, of the 497th Bomb Squadron, and his crew were 2nd Lt. E. W. Borresen, Co-Pilot; S/ Sgt. John G.Erickson, Bombardier; Sgt. ]. 1. Gusmann, Engineer Gunner; T/Sgt. R. H. Fitch, Radio Gunner and Sgt. 1. M. Oliver, Tail Gunner.

Cause: Direct hit, 88111111 between forward bombbay compartment and right wing.

Effect: Plane exploded in formation , six pieces fell to earth.

Notes: Two or three chutes seen to open.

MACR: Full details of crash

Nearest City: Brussels , graves of crew were found after the war by EWE in Liege, Belgium.

Witness: Lou Bollman, observer tail gunner, Ma’s Blasted Event and Miss Pill.

POW Camp : Stalag Luft III West Camp.

Liberation date: April 29, 1945 by General G. S. Patton, from Mooseburg.

Borresen portrait Colorized

Last Assignment/Rank: Col. E. W. Borresen, 89th

Mil Alft Wg, Spl Air Missions, Andrews AFB, MA.

Retired: January 31, 1971

Total active service: 28 years

Passed away: February 16, 1975.

.Lt. Borresens son, William A. Borresen designed a replica A-2 Jacket commemorating his father’s WWII experience.

.Borresen Jacket3

.Borresen Jacket5 Borresen Jacket4 Borresen Jacket3 Borresen Jacket2 Borresen Jacket