2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware Jr.

[Pictures from the collection of his niece Claren Dunn and granddaughter Sara Crofton Henderson, who are determined to keep the memory of “Bid” and his crew alive. The 344th BG is thankful of their cooperation in the creation of this profile] Click any image to see it enlarged.

2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware Jr. suit

Charles Henry Ware (Service # O-780096) was born Aug. 13, 1922 and resided in Virginia prior to the World War II. He was assigned to the 496th Bomber Squadron of the 344th Bomber Group, U.S. Army Air Force during World War II.

2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware Jr. crew

2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware Jr. in uniform Colorized copy

He piloted a mission on March 22, 1945 to bomb a defended town, Coesfeld Germany.

Ware March 22 1945 map B0299 p316The formation diagram shows his plane (N3-S) in the 1st box of the third flight.

Ware March 22 1945 formation B0299 p327 The load list indicated that Ware and crew dropped their bombs on target.

Ware March 22 1945 load list B0299 p159

2nd Lt. Ware filled in a debrief of this mission shown below.

Ware March 22 1945 debrief B0299 p224

Two days later, Charles Ware was killed in action over Germany on March 24, 1945. Below is the formation diagram. Note Ware on the bottom left.

Charles Ware Formation 3-24-45 mission 3 B0299 p1000

The loading list indicates his plane, crew, and failure to return.

Charles Ware Load List 3-24-45 mission 3 B0299 p906Flight leader Brawner describes the loss in the document below.

Charles Ware crash March 24, 1945 Brawner Report

The full report of the downing of his aircraft can be found in MACR 13337. It can be found following this link

Missing Aircraft Report Summary-

DATE – 24 March 1945 16:45

MISSION – Colbee Railroad bridge, Germany

Shot down by flak just prior to bomb run

PLANE# 44-68101 N3-F

344TH BG 496TH BS Station A-59 Cormeilles-en-Vexin, France


PILOT – 2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware 0-780096 (killed)

COPILOT – F/O. Frederick Fox White T-133662 (killed)

BOMBARDIER- F/O. Robert Arthur Sturn T-134267 (killed)

RADIO/GUN – Sgt. C R Roy Smith 18232534 (killed)

ENG/GUN – S/Sgt. Frank Dalton Waters 36482123 (bailed out and survived)

TAIL/GUN – Sgt. Phillip Ernest Hicks 17136773 (killed)

Incident Description:

344th Spread Sheet Info: Shot down by flak over Germany on the 24/3/45 mission to Colbee Railroad bridge, Germany. The aircraft flown by 2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware was hit by flak near Linberg, Germany on route to the target. It was struck in the right engine, right wing, and cockpit, shattering the pilots windshield. Flame enveloped the whole right side of the aircraft as it dropped out of formation, and entered a flat spin.

Only one chute was spotted before the right wing and engine came off. The only survivor was engineer, S/Sgt. Frank Dalton Waters who managed to bail out.
2nd Lt. Ware was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart.

He was originally interred in France and was later repatriated to Arlington National Cemetery on June 10, 1949.

Find-A-Grave information: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/49333702/charles-henry-ware


Granddaughter Sara Crofton Henderson submitted 2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware Jr’s name at her sons’ school Veterans Day ceremonies, the young men both researched his life and death for Cub Scout projects, and made a point to visit his grave at Arlington Cemetery, both last year and this year.

2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware Jr.great grandkids2 2nd Lt. Charles Henry Ware Jr. great grandkids