1st Lt. Rodney T. Brubaker

A message from his son Rodney Jr

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Brubaker Portrait Colorized Brubaker Portrait 2 Colorized

Dads name was 1st Lt. Rodney T. Brubaker and was a pilot.

1st Lt. Rodney T. Brubaker



Most of the flights were in the Rosie O’ Brady.

.RosieOBrady Lou+RosieO

Mrs. Priestwood: Lecturer from the British Air Ministry examines our Rosie.

Mrs. Priestwood: Lecturer from the British Air Ministry examines our Rosie.

Rosie O' Brady 344th BG, 495th BS copy Rosie O' Brady 344th BG copy Rosie o Brady new

Rosie O Brady 344th BG

344BG 495BS 43-34181- Y5-O-Lak-a-Nookie+ 42-95967 ROSIE O'BRADY Y5-P 344TH 495TH 42-95967 ROSIE O'BRADY Y5-P



I really like reading about these different missions flown by these brave men.

.Rosie O'brady 344th BG 495th BS. Ground Crew copy

.Rosie O Brady 344th BG

All together he flew 65 missions. Here is the formation and load list from a mission on May 30, 1944 of a bridge in Rouen, France

.B0290 p121 May 30, 1944 Formation

.B0290 p127 May 30, 1944 LL Brubaker


From: My Life in the Service

The Diary of John J Beddingfield Jr.

September 3rd 1944     Target: Gun Positions – Brest

“We made two missions over Brest, France. Our target was some big gun emplacements. Gen. Eisenhower was supposed to be over to view it. They really meant to knock that place out today. They need it to get fuel in for the ground forces. I saw a bridge blow up and an ammunition dump. It really was a pretty sight. There was a bunch of P-47’s dive bombing too, and those was 300 lb. heavies that hit it. I like to froze on the way over. We didn’t see any flack either. This evening we made three runs on the target. The last run we had to let down to 4,500 ft. I really got a good look at the damage we did this morning. The town was a wreck. We hit the bridge in the center. I don’t think we was supposed to knock out that bridge either. I saw a bunch of wrecked boats too. We hit a storm when we reached the English coast coming in. it was really rough too. We had to fly just above the tree tops all the way in. Believe me I was really glad to get to hit the ground. We were in the air about 9 hrs. My pilots name was 1st Lt Brubaker. He was pretty good too. He flew a little close for me though. It was a new ship with no name.”

.Brubaker with buddiesB0293A p274 Sept 3, 1944 Formation BrubakerB0293A p277 Sept 3, 1944 Brubaker LL

.He met S/Sgt. Ernest Mandeville at some point and signed his short snorter shown below. .Click here to see the whole short snorter!

. Brubaker signed Mandeville short snorter